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Look at them all! Did you know Gosh did so many primers? I honestly had no idea, but I do love me a good primer so I was happy to be tasked with the opportunity to have a play with them all and share my thoughts, which is timely considering they all seem to currently be on offer at Superdrug here – link. As there’s seven products in total, I’ve broken them down into three categories; the pots, the pumps and the others.  I’ll start with the others as I think they’re the newest arrivals.

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The Primer Plus + Hydration was the primer I quickly jumped on when this lot first arrived as I’m always eager to find a good hydrating primer that can rival my beloved Smashbox version.  This isn’t it, sadly, but it does offer a fresh, lightly hydrating finish that sits well on top of moisturiser and does provide a well-primed base.  It’s currently £8.99 (usually £13.99) here – link.  The Prime ‘n’ Refresh Illuminating Eye Roll-On has some great pluses; it’s extremely cooling and soothing making it a perfect early morning de-puffer and the rollerballs really do work well, but it’s also a little on the dry side so you’ll need to apply it over a good eye cream.  It does add a bit of light and illumination and it works well as an under-eye primer.  It’s £5.99 (usually £7.99) here – link.

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Now on to the pots which includes the rather interesting Velvet Touch Prime ‘n’ Set Powder that works as both a primer and a setting powder, as the name suggests.  This is a fantastic primer for anyone who’s very oily as it will absorb it all leaving skin with a velvety finish that’s perfect for make-up.  If you’re dry then you’ll have a hard time with this, although it does work well as a setting powder and I hope they release a pressed version.  It’s £6.99 (usually £9.99) here – link.

Gosh Makeup Primers reviewPIN IT

The next pot is the Velvet Touch Line Perfector which is my idea of an ‘old school’ primer that’s quite similar to the L’Oreal Studio Secrets pot of primer that came out a few years ago.  It’s very silicon-y but it does a great job at smoothing, blurring and generally priming, so if you’re after a no-frills, ‘does the job’ primer, here’s your man.  It’s £9.99 (usually £14.99) here – link.

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Last but by no means least, we have the pumps.  These were the ones I was least excited about but they’ve actually turned out to be my favourite of the lot.  There are three pump formula primers in the Gosh range, the original, the cream and the anti-wrinkle.  The original is a lot like a thinner, slightly more malleable take on the Line Perfector pot as mentioned above, so if you prefer the more hygienic pump dispenser then this is a good choice.  It’s £7.99 (usually £12.99) here – link. The cream and anti-wrinkle variants are both fab and suit my skin type to a tee.  They’re both quite rich, but neither break me out and both provide a great base for make-up alongside a hydrating finish.  I was asked to pick my favourite and I went for the cream one, but I’m still back and forth between the two! The cream is a great everyday hydrating primer, whereas the anti-wrinkle is a little thicker but it smooths everything right down, so whilst it might be a little heavy for everyday use, its’ a great choice for a night out or when your skin is just crazy and needs to be settled.  Both of these are £8.99 each (usually £13.99 each) and the cream one can be found here – link – whilst the anti-wrinkle one is here – link.

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