Mask Monday: Fresh Black Tea Firming Overnight Mask

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I’ve heard great things about Fresh on and off for years, yet I’ve never actually tried their products myself.  The Fresh Black Tea Firming Overnight Mask is a really interesting product not like anything I’ve tried previously.  As the name suggests, it’s a leave-on mask with the lead ingredients being fermented black tea and black tea extract alongside the rather beautifully named Belle de Nuit extract plus the usual skincare goodies of peptides and hyaluronic acid.

Fresh Black Tea Firming Overnight MaskPIN IT

The mask is designed to deeply moisturise life and firm, doing the bulk of it’s work and aiding repair overnight.  With my nightmare skin I was a little nervous about using this and when I cracked it open I wasn’t reassured as the mask is extremely thick and unctuous which usually spells disaster for my skin type.  For reference, I’m still dehydrated and spot-prone; a winning combination…

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The first thing that strikes me upon application of the mask is the smell.  It’s a soothing, gentle smell that’s sweet without being sickly and smells very much like skincare and babies, both things I’m happy to smell; it’s definitely a tea scent, but it’s very reassuring and doesn’t smell like you may expect.

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The mask itself is extremely thick, as I said, and it’s almost syrupy in texture with a kind of graininess to it; it reminds of proper cupcake icing that has a texture but isn’t full-on grainy.  Having said that, you’d expect it to feel heavy on the skin, but it seems to warm and breakdown into the skin leaving a very smooth, moisturised and plump finish.  I love using this with my YOSO Pro (more on that in another post) to work it into my skin, but massaged in it’s just as effective and really, really nourishing.  It’s a great choice for dry, dehydrated skin types, or even the oilier, trickier skin types would benefit if you’re rundown or in need of a hydrating boost.  I haven’t found it to have any impact on my spots at all and it broken me out whatsoever.  I can’t seem to find an online UK stockist for this, so I’ll update if and when I find one.  In the meantime it’s $92 (£61.19 at the time of writing) from the US Fresh site here – link.

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