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Tresemme Creation SpraysPIN IT

Tresemme are very much ‘the ones to watch’ when it comes to taking catwalk and fashion-led hair ideas and making them not only more achievable as day-to-day styles, but doing so with affordable products that actually work.  They are very, very good at creating new and innovative products to aid in achieving hair styles that can otherwise prove rather tricky.  This ethos is perfectly portrayed in the Tresemme Creation Sprays, which are a trio of hairsprays designed to help you achieve certain, popular styles.

Tresemme Max The Volume Creation Hairspray ReviewPIN IT

The Tresemme Max The Volume Creation Hairspray is the one I dove straight into as I do love a bit of a volume! This can be used in several ways depending on the effect you’re looking for and it offers quite buildable volume, so you can start off with a little bit of lift to the roots or go all-out for serious volume.  There are clear instructions on the bottle (same for the other two) so it’s a pretty foolproof collection.

Tresemme Make Waves Creation Spray ReviewPIN IT

Next is the Tresemme Make Waves Creation Spray which is designed to help you style waves and keep them in place.  This is fine for either straight or curly hair and the instructions on the bottle detail how to use depending on which hair type you are.  This is mainly aimed at being used with a curling iron, but I’m sure it would work with all types of curling.  I used it with a diffuser for very subtle waves and it held them in place really well.

Tresemme Get Sleek Creation Spray ReviewPIN IT

Finally the Tresemme Get Sleek Creation Spray is the one I was least excited about as I don’t tend to wear my hair sleek very often, however, I do wear it in a ponytail and this is great for sleeking back flyaways and getting hair to stay in place.  I used it in this way by brushing my hair backwards towards the ponytail, then misting the spray over before tying it up and misting again.  The ponytail stayed in place perfectly without looking like it was held there with product.

These are such fab and yet basic products that will, quite simply, make achieving certain styles a lot easier.  You can mix and match them too; for example, in the aforementioned ponytail style I used the Sleek spray on the tied-up hair and the Max The Volume spray on the loose hair – the ponytail itself – to give a bit of movement and body.  I can’t seem to find these anywhere other than Tesco at the moment, but I do believe they’ll be everywhere else soon.  They’re £5.99 each here – link.

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