Fragrance Friday: Diptyque Olène

Diptyque Olène ReviewPIN IT

I quite like creating series based around the sort of products I have in my stash – first there was “Quick Pick Tuesday” which focuses on quick beauty reviews of things I love but don’t want to do a long and rambling review on (although it doesn’t always work out that way!) then along came “Mask Monday” to deal with my insanely large stash of masks, and now we have “Fragrance Friday”, which will bring you a new, weekly review of a fragrance.  I hope you like!

Diptyque Olene ReviewPIN IT

I’m extremely happy to kick of Fragrance Friday with this astoundingly beautiful scent from Diptyque, the jasmine-led Olène.  If you are a jasmine lover, you absolutely, completely, DEFINITELY need this in your life.  It does funny things to me – I find it truly intoxicating and whenever I wear it I need to keep sniffing it, then when my nose can’t pick it up anymore, I start considering how long it’ll be until I can spray it again.  Seriously! I have to ration it otherwise all my other perfumes wouldn’t have a hope in hell of getting used, and I can’t have that.

Diptyque OlènePIN IT

Another reason to love Olène is that it’s almost as old as me; first crafted in 1988, it’s all about the flowers that all sit happily around the star of the show, the beautiful jasmine.  Top notes are narcissus and honeysuckle, heart notes are wisteria and jasmine and at the base you have green notes and white flowers.  Whilst those are some gorgeous notes, make no mistake, this is jasmine through and through and the other elements are there to accentuate the jasmine rather than deliver on any individual fragrance.  Consequently, if you don’t like jasmine you’ll likely find this quite hard and maybe even slightly soapy, but if you do like jasmine, you’ll unlikely find a fragrance that encompasses the joy of true jasmine quite as effectively as this.  Absolutely Holy Grail jasmine scent for me.  Can you tell I love it? It starts at £58 for 50ml here – link – which will last you forever since one spray is all you need.

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  • Jennifer Smith
    June 23, 2015

    I do love the smell of Jasmine so I’m going to have to get this.

    • Sascha
      Jennifer Smith
      July 12, 2015

      I’m still completely addicted to it – I have to ration myself, I’m not kidding!

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    September 25, 2015

    […] at its sweetest.  The additional, complimentary notes are orange blossom and basil, but much like Diptyque’s other amazing jasmine fragrance, Olene, the other notes are completely overtaken by the jasmine.  As I’m sure you’ve worked […]

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