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Not a week goes by that I don’t get at least a couple of e-mails regarding some new monthly, beauty-box-style subscription service launch.  There have been a few aimed at men, but none that I’ve felt were executed particularly well, however, the arrival of Primal Man Shave Club might change things.

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The Primal Man Shave Club is, quite literally as the name suggests, a grooming box service aimed at men and designed to improve the whole shaving experience.  I don’t think there are many men who enjoy the process of shaving, but there are definitely ways to make it more appealing, and turning it into an indulgent, pampering experience sounds like it would help a lot.

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The idea behind the Primal Man Shave Club is that the first box contains everything you need for the perfect shave, including a posh looking razor – double edged and weighted to perfection, whatever that may mean, I imagine any men reading this should be nodding sagely to this term – a brush that assists with lather (more sage nodding), a soap for the aforementioned lather, alum matchsticks which are laced with astringent to calm razor burn, post-shave balm and finally a set of spare razor blades.

Primal Man Shave Club Review ContentsPIN IT

After the initial box, future boxes contain additional essentials to keep things interesting and continually encourage the perfect shave, such as balms, oils, soaps and spare blades.  I absolutely love the idea of this box as I think it has been put together so well; it’s masculine yet pampering, indulgent yet sensible, and it comes with a little guide on achieving the perfect shave which reads a lot like the steps to a perfect facial.  I’m always complaining that boys get a bit of a shoddy deal when it comes to pampering, so here’s a box that addresses that.  The only downside is that I feel it’s quite expensive.  It’s £24.95 (all in) per month – although if you bulk buy a few months in advance then it gets cheaper, with a 12 month subscription working out at £16.95 – which might be fine for the initial box, but I wonder how people would feel spending £25 on a box that probably won’t contains anything weighty such as the brush or the razor itself.  I could be wrong, but that’s my initial assessment.  If you’re happy to spend then this is a fantastic beauty box for the boys – it’d make a great gift too.  Find out all about it here – link.

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