Eisenberg Paris Beauty Launches in the UK

Eisenberg Paris Beauty Launches in the UK

Eisenberg Paris UK

Eisenberg Beauty is an extremely comprehensive beauty range of mostly skincare and fragrance that’s been around for a fair while (almost 15 years) in various other countries, but for some reason, it’s only just arrived here.  Consequently it’s an established brand with key customer favourites, a solid reputation and a luxury price tag.  Boots have taken the whole range on (I believe it’s close to 200 products) so it’ll be really interesting to see how such a luxury range does on the High Street.

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I’m not even going to try and tackle the product range in detail as it’s truly mind-boggling (I feel very sorry for the UK PRs – they’ve got their work cut out!) but to give you an idea, the skincare range is the most dominant, although they do have quite a few fragrances and there’s also a foundation that I really, really want to try.  I have a couple of the skincare items and the fragrance, so I’ll be reviewing them soon.  The skin, body, men and sun ranges are all colour-coded and there is literally every skincare product you can think of, broken down into categories depending on their purpose.  All skincare products are paraben-free and the focus seems to mostly be anti-ageing, one way or another, however, they do have a purifying range, so don’t assume that every product is overly rich and aimed at maturer skin types.  The brand is luxury so the prices vary; the cheapest I’ve managed to find is the Toning Lotion at £30, the Moisturising Smoothing Serum is £60, the Pure White All Over Nourishing Cream (pictured) is £99 and the fragrances start at £44 for 30ml.  Have a mosey at the full range here – link – but you might want to make sure you have plenty of time to do so!

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