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So often I get e-mails regarding brand collaborations that make absolutely no sense, yet the Listerine Advanced White and Wild About Beauty collab is a very sensible one; a whitening mouthwash alongside three shades of lipstick that make your teeth look whiter – good idea, right? I’m also pleased that the three shades are a little different to the deep cherry shades I was expecting (blue-leaning reds make teeth look very white) and instead there are two pinks – the soft pink of Caroline and the Fuchsia Pink of Abby – as well as the berry shade of Ella.  All three lipsticks are part of the Nutrlips line from Wild About Beauty, so the formulas are lovely, creamy and very comfortable, however, the brighter shade of Abby does tend to wear away quite quickly as you would expect from a bright lip in such a formula.

Listerine Wild About BeautyPIN IT

The Listerine Advanced White Mouthwash promises whiter teeth in 2 weeks, and I’m pleased to say it does deliver on that promise.  Don’t expect gleaming, neon gnashers, but there’s definitely less staining and the overall appearance is slightly lighter; enough so that I’m already working my way through my second bottle that I picked up on my last Ocado delivery.  Another good thing about this mouthwash is that it isn’t the scary, burning sensation that I think many associate with Listerine mouthwashes.  The formula contains both Fluoride (for strengthening teeth) and essential oils, the latter of which you can taste, which is a bit strange but easy to get used to.  I’m using this twice a day, every day, and it’s definitely leaving me with a cleaner and slightly whiter smile.  Listerine Advanced White is £5.60 here – link – although I’ve just come across a coupon for a £1 discount here – link – and the Wild About Beauty Nutrilips lipsticks are here – link.

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