True North De-Stressed Cleansing Milk and Skin Tonic

True North De-Stressed ReviewPIN IT

Years ago I was a die-hard milk and toner fan who would never really use wash-off cleansers as I didn’t like how messy it was.  Now I’m the exact opposite; I only really use wash-off cleansers and I very rarely use anything wipe-off, so it was nice to try out a duo of wipe-off products to remind myself of what it’s like.  I have to say, I like the convenience of being able to sit in bed and take my make-up off!

True North De-Stressed Cleanser ReviewPIN IT

The True North De-Stressed range is a small collection of products designed to deal with skin sensitivity, so the whole range is aimed at helping “de-stress” skin so that it becomes more balanced, and the collection has been developed to be as fuss-free as possible to take the confusion out of skincare.  The range so far consists of a cleaner, toner, two days creams, one night cream, one serum, an eye cream, a mask and an SPF30 fluid.  I’ve been trying the De-Stressed Cleansing Milk, which, consistency-wise, is right in the middle – it isn’t too thick, nor is it too runny and it moves around the skin with ease.  The instructions say to apply to skin with a cotton pad then rinse off, but I think having to involve water kind of takes the convenience out of a wipe-off style cleanser, so I’ve been following with the toner instead.

True North De-Stressed Tonic ReviewPIN IT

The De-Stressed Tonic is a light and comfortable toner that effectively removes any traces of remaining cleanser, leaving skin feeling very hydrated and balanced.  I find the cleanser does a great job at removing make-up, so the follow-up tonic really is just to remove the cleanser.  A word of warning, don’t attempt to use either of those products on the eyes as they sting really badly – something I was quite surprised about, considering they’re aimed at sensitive skin types – so keep that in mind.  I have found this duo great for when my skin is playing up and doing the annoying dry and spot-prone dance.  I wouldn’t use them every day as they’re a bit too rich for my skin type, but they are great for skin freakouts.  For every day use, these are ideal for anyone with normal, sensitive or dry skin types.  I think if you’re oily or very acne-prone, you might find them a bit too much, but they’re still handy if your skin often dehydrates.  You can find out more about the range on the True North site here, and you can also purchase at Harvey Nichols here, where each product will set you back £28.

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