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Clinique Moisture Surge RangePIN IT

I’m aware the blog is very skincare-heavy at at the moment; I fasted, so now I binge.  The Clinique Moisture Surge range is my favourite of the Clinique skincare lines by far (although, if you have awkward skin like mine, then the Turnaround range is great too) and it’s one I turn to again and again because it achieves what a lot of skincare ranges set out to do, but rarely manage, and that is to provide a big burst of hydration without causing other problems, making it ideal for the spot-prone, the oily and the dehydrated alike.  I’m always banging on about the Moisture Surge range, but recently I’ve had quite a few e-mails about skincare recommendations and as I keep talking about this range, I thought now was the time to bang on about it again…

Clinique Moisture Surge Range ReviewPIN IT

There’s actually quite a lot in the Moisture Surge range including a couple of make-up items, a couple of masks, a couple of hydrators and the yummiest of face sprays, but if you’re new to the range, I’d start off with the two products above: on the left is the aforementioned Moisture Surge Face Spray and on the right is what I believe to be the original product that launched the range, the Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief.  The face spray is just a very good, hydrating spray (particularly great for holidays as you can really go to town with it on the beach/by the pool without causing breakouts) but the hydrator – Extended Thirst Relief – is something I always keep a stock of as I know it never causes me problems, so when I’m trying to work out what’s going wrong with my skin, I use this for a few days to try and isolate the problem.  It’s brilliant at providing a heavy dose of superficial hydration, so if you’re dehydrated then you will love it.  If you’re dry, go for the other hydrator in the range, the Moisture Surge Intense Skin Fortifying Hydrator as it’s a little bit richer, and one I tend to turn to when my skin goes through one of it’s many dry phases.

Clinique Moisture Surge Range ReviewsPIN IT

There are two masks in the range, the Moisture Surge Overnight Mask and the Moisture Surge Melting Mask Balm, both of which can be used as either typical treatment masks – left on for a set period of time – or used overnight if you’re really suffering.  The Moisture Surge Overnight Mask is more in keeping with the Moisture Surge range since it’s a gel formula that’s very comfortable to wear and it works really well as an overnight treatment, especially after an acid tone.  Tread carefully with the Moisture Surge Melting Mask Balm as it’s definitely a balm rather than a gel, so if you tend to break out with balms then you might have a problem with this.  If you’re okay with balms then this is a lovely, rich treatment mask that nourishes skin beautifully and I would really recommend with dry or sensitive skin.  Check out my original review of the Melting Mask Balm here, and the gorgeous Overnight Mask here. Find the full Moisture Surge range here.

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