Elemis Biotec Big Reveal Facial and Biotec Skincare Range

Elemis Biotec Big Reveal Facial and Biotec Skincare Range

Elemis Biotec Review

When Elemis launch a new skincare line, you sit up and take note, which is exactly what I did when word spread of the arrival of their new Biotec range.  The Elemis Biotec launch consists of three skincare products ( cleanser, day cream, night cream) and a range of complimentary facials that make use of a mixture of technology and product to deliver extremely speedy results.  I had the Big Reveal facial at The House of Elemis which consisted of a 30 minute treatment.  I was expecting it to be all about the product penetration, which in a way it was, but it involved using gadgets to exfoliate and stimulate skin and this aspect was incredibly relaxing – so much more than I was expecting it to be – so it met my criteria for facials on both counts as my skin was noticeably smoother and calmer afterwards – an effect that lasted for the rest of the week – and the treatment was a relaxing and indulgent experience.  I will be booking in for another very soon!

Elemis Biotec Reviews

The complimentary range of products are an interesting trio as they’re designed to reawaken skin that’s fatigued and not doing its job properly. The products rely on gentle AHA exfoliators alongside skin-loving zinc and copper (which are encapsulated) alongside electrolytes to encourage skin health.  The Biotec Skin Energising Cleanser is a deep-cleansing and balancing, wash-off cleanser that feels light and fresh on the skin.  It’s mildly exfoliating and esigned to prepare skin for the full benefits of the day and night creams.

Elemis Biotec Skincare Review

The Biotec Skin Energising Day Cream and Night Cream are very similar in consistency and appearance and both have two separate chambers that are pressed together on application – the left side contains a serum and the right side contains the hydrator, but both elements are applied together and the recommended dosage is 2 pumps which is more than enough, even for my long face.  These are extremely rich creams that feel amazing on the skin and hydrate brilliantly – within a day or two of using them, all my issues with dryness and dehydration had disappeared and skin was glowing and healthy in appearance.  The downside is that they broke me out on my chin, which I think is purely because they are so rich and not ideally suited to my skin type in the warmer months.  With that in mind, I’ve put them aside for Winter use as I feel confident that they’ll be perfect for me then, especially as my Anaemia will hopefully be under control by that point and having less of an impact on my skin.  I would very much recommend trying out the new Biotec products – most Elemis counters should still hopefully have sachet samples – as I can’t imagine there are many skin types that wouldn’t see benefit from this collection of wonderful ingredients, other than maybe the very young or oily, but even the latter would do well to use the cleanser regularly and creams a couple of times a week as an intensive boost of hydration.  The Elemis Biotec range isn’t cheap, with the cleanser costing £39.50, the day cream £75 and the night cream £85, but there is a great little introductory kit for £35 that will give you enough of a trial to know whether your skin responds to the range without you having to spend a small fortune.  The full Biotec range is here and the House of Elemis facials start at £45 for a 30 minute treatment.

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  1. June 22, 2016 / 3:14 PM

    I was using Biotec and my skin was responding really well to it. I swapped over for a few weeks to a different unknown range (‘unknown’ as I was trialling it) and my skin started to get a bit blotchy and less smooth. As soon as that trial was over, I went back on the Biotec and my skin was looking and feeling better again within days. I’m not easily impressed but I really do like this range.

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