Urban Decay Palette News – Three Gorgeous New Palette Launches

Urban Decay Palette News August 2016PIN IT

I don’t think there are many things that cause quite as much excitement as a new Urban Decay palette; beauty hysteria and make-up lust is common with any new palette releases, and they sell out at an unbelievably speedy rate – for very good reason, as I don’t think you can beat Urban Decay shadows; the formula is both pigmented and soft and the colours are dreamy and workable, then of course you have the edit itself, which Urban Decay do so amazingly well.  Steady yourself, as there are three new palettes from the brand.  Seriously.  Three.  I have two already – the second one arrived and I swear my heart stopped beating for a few moments – and the third one has “total and utter essential for everyone” written all over it.  Let’s have a closer look at these beauties!

Vice Reloaded 1PIN IT

First up is the UD XX Vice LTD Reloaded is very much one for the collectors, since it’s a celebration of the twenty amazing years of Urban Decay eyeshadows; it’s an edit of twenty shades from both former and current collections, which come together to form a stunning selection of unusual, unique, very enjoyable colours that are just the right balance of traditional and alternative to make this a palette that’s wearable yet fun and very, very Urban Decay.

Vice Reloaded 2PIN IT

I love everything about it and I’ll be reviewing it in more detail very soon.  Unfortunately it’s out of stock on the UD site, but keep an eye on it and fingers crossed they’ll get more in stock.  It’s £43 here – link.

Moondust 1PIN IT

The Moondust palette is another great example of a product that’s driving everyone a bit loopy, and whether you think you can pull off a strong, metallic eye or not, you have to give this palette credit for being so stunning courtesy of it’s brilliant colours and foil-like finishes – definitely Google swatches (here’s a great one, here’s another) if you want to see what I mean!

Moondust 2PIN IT

If you’re a fan of foil shadows but hate having to faff around with primer, water and mixing it all up, you will absolutely love this palette. It’s £35 here – link.

Urban Decay Ultimate Basics 1PIN IT

Finally…drum roll please…we have the Naked Ultimate Basics, cue lots and lots of heart-eye emojis.  If you felt a split second, earthquake-like shudder a couple of days ago, it was likely the result of a collective swoon from everyone who was on Instagram when UD announced the newest palette launch (pictures from their Instagram here) – I mean really, just look at it.  I fell head over heels in love with their Naked2Basics when I got my hands on it a few years ago – it’s as yet unbeaten for the most perfect edit of mattes that I would recommend anyone get if they’re new to make-up and don’t know where to start.

Urban Decay Naked Ultimate BasicsPIN IT

There are twelve new shades, with one demi-matte and the rest totally matte.  The want is very, very strong here…I believe it’s arriving in the UK in late September/early October, but that’s speculative – I’ll update with more info when I have it.  Prepare for it to sell out very, very quickly.  CANNOT WAIT FOR THIS!

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