The Big Christmas Candle Post: A Great Option for Every Budget


The easiest way to get even the most cynical Christmas hater feeling a touch more Christmassy is with a gorgeous Christmas candle – there is just something about the way a Christmas candle can completely transform the atmosphere of a room, which is why I rarely feel Christmassy until I’ve started burning my first Christmas scent.  There are some great options for all budgets, so I’ve put together a lovely big post looking at some of my favourites:


Starting with a couple of great scents from the more luxury end courtesy of Shay & Blue and Diptyque, both of which are huge favourites of mine as I love both brands.  Shay & Blue do some amazing fragrances (such as their Blacks Club Leather – this fragrance is everything!) and they’ve also hit the nail on the head with their Christmas candle, the Pine d’Antibes, which ignores traditional fruity/spicy scents in favour of crisp pine and smoky wood, that’ll transport you to a snow-covered wood cabin with a log fire burning next to a fresh fir Christmas tree.  It’s beautiful and traditional without being too obvious – it’s a real love and a great buy for £35 here – link.  The easiest way to add glamour to any occasion is with a gorgeous Diptyque candle, and the Le roi Sapin candle is a great choice, as are all the beautiful holiday candles from the brand.  Much like Pine d’Antibes, Le roi Sapin focuses heavily on pine, but this one is quite a bit earthier, a tad spicier and very, very woody.  I love that there are mini candles available for £28 (pictured) as I never manage to get through an entire candle for Christmas, so a smaller version is a much more purse-friendly option.  You can find it here – link.


Landon Tyler is a brand I’m completely new to and I haven’t seen much mention of, but I really hope that’s going to change as they have a fantastic collection of 12 gorgeous sounding fragrances, and the have also nailed their Christmas offering, with both the Winter Woods – a mossy, earthy wood that’s like a quiet, less in-your-face take on typical fir Christmas scents – and Scent of Christmas which is a more traditionally Christmassy fragrance that’s spicy and a little fruity with clementine and cloves.  There are two candle sizes available, standard single wick 200g, or the humongous 3 wick number that is extremely impressive looking and will really set the mood at the Christmas table.  The simple packaging works perfectly alongside the strong yet subtle fragrance, making this a brand that’s punching heavily above it’s price point, considering the smaller candles are just £8 and the 3 wick is just £13.50 – how’s that for a bargain? I hope for great things for this brand and I’ll definitely be picking up some of the other fragrances.  Annoyingly they do take a bit of tracking down, but you can find your nearest stockist (and check out the full fragrance breakdown) here – link.


It wouldn’t be a candle post without something from Yankee Candles, so here are two of their Christmas offerings, the first of which is the very sweet Macaron Treats which I’ve included because it’s quite different to everything else in the post, but it is a bit too sugary for me! All Is Bright is much more up my street, as it’s a gentle, lovely scent that would go perfectly with curling up under a big fluffy blanket and watching Christmas Carols on the TV.  Yankee Candles always do a phenomenal Christmas offering and this year is no different as there’s something to suit everyone’s tastes; whilst you can easily pick-up Yankee Candles online, I’d really recommend popping into one of their shops and having a good sniff to find yourself a new Christmas favourite.  A lot of the Christmas candles are sold out online already, but you can still have a good mooch at the range here – link – where prices start at £9 for the small jars (pictured) but there’s a huge sale on where a lot of stuff is half price, so if you’re a fan and in need of a stock-up, now’s your chance!


Beefayre are another brand that I’m completely unfamiliar with but that provide the cutest candles in lovely, traditional scents.  I was sent the Winter Garden Candle set which contains three lovely, Winter fragrances: Spiced Orange, Winter Berries and Wild Fig, all of which are perfect for Christmas, but are also well suited to winter in general too, so you’re not limited to December usage.  The trio also came presented in a beautiful gift box that I toyed with including in the post, but it would’ve been a bit of a slippery slope as I’m a sucker for Christmas packaging! The aforementioned trio set is £20 here – but they’re also available in singles, plus there’s a massive collection of different candle fragrances that you can have a look at here – link.


I have soooo much love for Air Wick, especially their Christmas candles which I think are pretty much the best value high street candle you can get as they do absolutely everything! As you can see, they look extremely pretty with gorgeous, wintery designs on the candle pot itself, but inside houses a beautifully fragranced candle that fills the room with scent in a matter of minutes, then maintains it until you decide to blow out the flame, but also, the candle pot itself has a colour changing light that goes from purple, to blue to pink, to red, to orange which is just glorious to watch and so relaxing; how they manage to cram all that into such an inexpensive product is really very impressive! The two Christmas fragrances are Mulled Wine by The Fire (a real love from last year too, I’ve got it burning as I write this) and Christmas Tree Wishes, both of which are very Christmassy and just lovely to burn.  Annoyingly, I can’t seem to find them easily accessible online, but it’s Air Wick, they’re everywhere, so hit your nearest Tesco/Asda/Waitrose where you’ll find them around the £8 mark.

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