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I’ve had this long-term fantasy about what the perfect bath would be like, once I finally moved somewhere that actually had a bath, after living in a property with a shower for over 10 years.  As soon as I knew I was moving, I started researching what’s new in the world of bathing, and putting together a list of dreamy products to try. One of the first collections I got my hands on was these beauties from ESPA, and honestly – and I realise how ridiculous this may sound – that first full-on ESPA bath I had, with all the fancy bits doing their thing, was seriously the best bath I have ever had!


If you can afford it, I really do recommend investing in an ESPA bath oil and matching candle as the two work together so well.  The candle I have is the Soothing Candle (£25 here – link) which contains a blend of seriously relaxing oils that fill up the bathroom with a spa-like scent that’s wonderfully relaxing; taking a few minutes laying around in a warm bath with this candle burning (ideally with the lights out, if you can) will genuinely chill you right out and put whatever rubbish day you’ve had firmly in the past.


The Relaxing Salt Scrub (£37 here – link) is like nothing else I’ve ever tried.  It’s quite an intimidating product, as it’s a thick, salt scrub seeped in oil, housed in a heavy jar with a strong fragrance.  You use it in a typical scrub fashion, by working it gently over the whole body, but it leaves skin feeling like you’ve had a massage – extremely smooth and with a film of oily hydration, so around an hour after the bath, everything is soaked in and skin feels *amazing*.  As an added bonus, the skin still feels amazing the next day, so you can happily forgo the body cream, as skin not only feels buffed and smoothed, it’s also really hydrated too.


If you have a bath and you just buy one luxury item for it, make it an ESPA bath oil.  I’m lucky enough to have two of them, the Soothing Bath Oil and the Restorative Bath Oil, but there are loads of different types available.  Scent-wise, I think the Restorative Bath Oil is probably my favourite of the two, but the Soothing Bath Oil matches the rest of my ESPA bits, and having a matching set of bath products make it all a little more luxurious! What I love about these oils is that they’re such an easy way to add an element of pampering to the quickest of baths; I tend to put two capfuls in about 5 minutes before I’m getting in the bath, the a final capful right before I get in.  The scent lasts the entire duration of the bath and leaves a beautiful fragrance in the bathroom for the rest of evening. The oils are £29 here – link.  ESPA have updated their packaging recently which, I’ll be honest, I think is a bit of a shame as I really like the old packaging! Thankfully the products are staying the same so you can still get everything from this post, just in slightly different packaging.

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