Body Moisturiser Sprays: Worth the Hype?


The one thing I fail miserably at is moisturising my body, as to be frank, I just cannot be bothered.  I’ve been sent the most luxurious, heavenly-scented creams, yet after the initial few uses, I never stick with it.  This is for a couple of reasons: firstly, it’s a bit of a faff putting time aside to apply the product, then tread carefully whilst it absorbs, but also, I don’t really like getting my hands involved – I hate getting product stuck under my nails and having to rub it all in…it’s just so much effort! With that in mind, a spray-on body moisturiser sounded like the perfect solution, so I put three to the test.


The E45 Intense Recovery Fast Acting 24H Spray Moisturiser is an extremely rich and hydrating spray that leaves skin feeling really moisturised.  However, it’s my least favourite of the three, purely and simply because it’s just too thick to work as a spray and it comes out like a lotion – you spray it on and you see a layer of white product, which you then need to work in (plus, as it’s a spray, it’s messy so this layer will reach nearby furniture) so whilst it’s a great body moisturiser, it fails as a body moisturiser spray.  It’s usually £5.99 but currently on special for £3.99 here – link.



The Vaseline Intensive Care Aloe Sooth Spray Moisturiser is a lovely, light and fresh moisturiser that leaves a slight residue on the skin that soaks in relatively quickly.  Unlike the E45 spray, it’s much finer so you don’t see white product on the skin, but you do need to allow a little time for it to absorb before cracking on with other things.  I like the fact that this is soothing as well as hydrating and I think it makes a great post-shave product – it’s actually great for underarms that get itchy after a shave.  It’s usually £6.59 but is on special for £3.29 here – link.


The Aveeno Daily Moisturising After Shower Mist is my favourite of the trio as it’s such a fantastically light and easy product – calling it a mist is spot-on as that’s exactly what you get; a fine mist of moisturiser that quickly absorbs leaving skin looking and feeling hydrated.  If you avoid body moisturisers for the same reasons as me and you don’t have excessively dry skin, then you’ll find this one a treat.  It’s usually £7.50 but is on special for £5 here – link.

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