Mask Monday: Jamela Chamomile Anti-Inflammatory Face Masks


I have a soft spot for the Jamela brand as they were one of the first brands I developed a working relationship with when I first started blogging, and I remember them being one of the first product ranges that I found really exciting that I doubt I would ever have come across were it not for my blog.  Jamela are probably best known for being the brand behind those gold sheet masks that graced the face of every Instagrammer when sheet masks in general were starting to penetrate the traditional beauty market, but what I like most from Jamela are their overnight sleeping masks (again, my first experience of this product that’s now so widely used, came from Jamela) and their gel sheet masks, one of which I’ll share with you today.


Jamela face masks are sheet masks that come in individual packets and the product itself is a kind-of slippery, solidified gel that’s soaked – literally soaking – in serum.  There are currently seven variants available, and the one I’ve recently tried is the Jamela Chamomile Anti-Inflammatory Face Mask, which, as the name suggests, is designed to sooth and calm inflammation, so it’s great for skin that’s stressed, overworked or just in need of something gentle and light.  It’s also a great option for use after acids and one of my favourite ways to use these is after an acid peel as it’s the perfect antidote to aggressive acids.  It feels lovely, whatever your skin type, as it’ll give your skin a hit of light hydration that instantly calms, so whether you’re very oily or very dry, you’re likely to find benefit in this.


I know what you’re thinking, “Just how exactly is she managing to make that look so good?”, sadly I have no tips to share, it’s just something that comes really naturally to me…I’m not actually pouting, but my lips don’t seem to fit through the gap for the mouth, so I sort of force them through to keep the shape.  I’m not a massive fan of sheet masks but I do think they serve a necessary purpose and I definitely favour these types of gel-style masks as I find they stay wet for longer (I always find sheet masks dry out on certain areas of my face really quickly) and they also stay put more easily so you can move around and do stuff.  These aren’t the cheapest at around a tenner a pop, and it’s a shame you can’t buy them in singles, but if you’re a fan of masks and don’t mind investing then these are great. They’re £49.50 here – link.

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