New Aveda Launches – Spring 2017


The bods at Aveda HQ have clearly been on the coffee as they seem to launch something new and lovely every couple of weeks at the mo, so with that in mind, I thought we could take a little look at some of the most recent launches from the brand – although I’ll note that since taking these pictures I’ve already received another couple of Aveda products, which pretty much proves my caffeine consumption theory…


I’ll start with Shampure Dry Conditioner, as it isn’t something I would use myself as my hair wouldn’t take any benefit from it, but I wanted to share it as I love the concept; it follows the same idea as a dry shampoo, but instead of reducing the oil/grease in us oily-haired girls who need a regular shampooing, this adds hydration for those who have hair that becomes dry and frizzy when left without conditioner for too long.  Brilliant, right? It’s £26 here – link.


Now onto haircare that I would definitely use myself, the Pramasana range, which are a trio of products (cleanser, serum and brush) aimed at providing scalp care.  Pramasana is particularly well suited to oily hair and starts with the Purifying Scalp Cleanser, which I absolutely love, and it works kind of like the first cleanse in a skincare routine, paving way for your shampoo to provide whatever care it’s supposed to.  You can use it on wet or dry hair before your usual routine, but I would really recommend wet hair as I found I used absolutely loads when trying it on dry hair.  It’s £23.50 here – link.  The Pramasana Protective Scalp Concentrate is kind of like a balancing serum for the hair, as it’s designed to nourish and sooth the scalp whilst also keeping sebum levels in check – basically the perfect product for combination hair! It’s £35 here – link.


Next are the skincare launches, one of which is new, whilst the other is existing (they were sent together and I photographed them without checking the release first) but I can’t remember which is which, so apologies for that – they’re both out now though so it doesn’t really matter.  The Botanical Kinetics Radiant Skin Refiner sits in the middle when it comes to how scrubby it is – it’s not so aggressive that it’ll scratch your face off, but it’s also not so gentle that it’ll feel like one of those beaded scrubs that just sort of rolls over the face.  This type of scrub works really well if you’re gentle and take your time.  It’s £32 here – link – and it works really well with the other product, which is the Botanicals Kinetics Intense Hydrating Masque.  This is a really lovely, cooling, oil-free mask full of lovely ingredients such as aloe, kelp and lavender.  This is particularly lovely in the hot weather as it’s very soothing, making it ideal for use after acids or any kind of treatments that are a little aggressive.  It’s £28.50 here – link.

*PR Samples


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