IT Cosmetics Exciting News (Plus Discount Code – Act Now!)

IT Cosmetics UK Site, IT Cosmetics UK promo code

You don’t have to hunt around too much on my blog to realise just how much I love IT Cosmetics – I’m totally obsessed with them! If you’re unfamiliar, they’re a make-up and skincare brand that provide phenomenal, results-driven products that will make you your best you; think glowy skin, defined brows, plump lips…just all the loveliness that makes you look naturally pretty; I love them so much! They are also the creators of my all-time favourite eyeshadow palette, Naturally Pretty (figures!) which is the one I reach for whenever I want a perfected eye without the hassle.

The exciting news is that they now have a UK website, which I am so, so pleased about.  They are slowly becoming more available in the UK thanks to their initial UK launch at QVC and their most recent arrival at Selfridges, but when a brand has their own site it allows for a lot more freedom, which is much more beneficial to the customer, so ordering online direct will likely be a far more personable experience with goodies galore!

At the moment (I don’t know if this is a long-term thing or a promotion for the launch of the site) you get three minis – some of which are pictured above – when you buy two products, plus free shipping on all orders.  To mark this exciting launch, IT have given me a code for you to use to get 15% off your order, but you haven’t got long (midnight tomorrow – 30th November) to take advantage so if you fancy grabbing some IT joy at a bargain price, move now! The code is ITGIRLSASCHA and if you’ve never tried IT before, I recommend starting with either the beautiful Naturally Pretty palette (here – link) or the Your Skin But Better CC Cream (here – link) both of which are amazing and will give you a really good intro to the brand.  Enjoy!



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      Ah brilliant! Glad you got to use it xx

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