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I don’t know if SVR Skincare are new in general or just new to me (I can’t seem to find any online info on them beyond their vast product range) but I can say that I think they’re around to stay.  They’re your typically impressive French skincare brand, with a large choice of products to suit and meet every skincare need and a reasonable price point.  I was sent a trio of their Micellar Solutions alongside a couple of products aimed at helping with hydration.


The SVR Skincare Eau Micellaires are available in three variants, Sensifine AR (anti-redness), Physiopure (sensitive skin) and Sebiaclear (oily skin).  I’ve tried all three and to be completely honest, I find them all much of a muchness really, as they all do a great job at removing make-up (including lots and lots of eye make-up) and leaving skin feeling very clean but not stripped.  I especially like the fact that you can pick up 75ml intro bottles of each of the three to try them out and see which one is your favourite.  There’s also 200ml bottles and 400ml bottles for when you’re ready to invest.  75ml are £5, 200ml are £11 and 400ml are £15.  Find them here – link.


It wouldn’t be a proper French skincare brand without a decent micellar water, but the main skincare products are where SVR Skincare really come into their own, with their Hydraliane range – for dry skin – proving to be particularly lovely.  I’ll start with a little look at the SVR Hydraliane Riche Moisturising Cream, which is a thick, buttery, mask-like cream that nourishes skin amazingly well, without causing congestion or breakouts.  It’s the sort of product I keep on reserve for when my skin is horrendously dry and tight and in need of all the help it can get, and it really does make a significant difference.  The SVR Hydraliane Essence is one of those amazing products that I think everyone could benefit from having in their kit.  It’s like a light, hydrating gel but with a very thin texture that sinks into skin extremely quickly leaving it looking and feeling noticeably hydrated without interfering with other skincare products.  I really love it and find it especially good for relieving tightness, but I would image it’d be great for all skin types providing different needs; for example, dry skin would benefit from this as an extra layer of hydration, sensitive skin would keep this handy for relieving tightness, combination skin would find this to be hydrating without flooding the oily parts and oily skin could use this in place of a hydrating serum, or when they’ve overdone the cleansing.  If you just buy one SVR product to start with, make it this beautiful essence! It’s £18 here – link – and the Riche Moisturising Cream is £15 here – link.

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