Mask Monday: QMS Medicosmetics Hydro Foam Mask

QMS Medicosmetics Hydro Foam MaskPIN IT

If you’ve ever wondered how it would feel to take a can of spray cream, rub it all over your face and use it as a mask, I have the answer! The QMS Medicosmetics Hydro Foam Mask is a treatment that’s basically a thick cream that you apply and leave to intensely hydrate your skin – it is a godsend in the weather we’re currently having as my skin is really struggling with the sudden drop in temperature and I find that it’s times like these where you can really well what products work superficially and which work on a deeper level – this mask provides a bit of both, although mostly the latter.

QMS Medicosmetics Hydro Foam MaskPIN IT

The QMS Medicosmetics Hydro Foam Mask is packed full of skin-loving, hydrating and soothing ingredients such as the king of hydrators, Hyaluronic Acid, and possibly my favourite ever oil (particularly good for skin that struggles with oils) Jojoba Oil.  There’s also a good mix of vitamins and silk proteins, so skin not only feels deeply hydrated and soothed, it also looks plump and dewy too.  I have to say, the QMS Medicosmetics range has really impressed with me what I’ve tried so far; they’re a great mix of sensible yet innovative formulas with that reassuring, “cosmeceutical” approach so you feel like you’re investing in quality skincare that’ll do exactly as it promises. When your skin is struggling, applying a thick layer of an incredibly hydrating cream treatment and letting it slowly sink-in is one of the best things you can do – this mask is ideal for such a task.

QMS Medicosmetics Collagen TrioPIN IT

I think QMS Medicosmetics are probably most known for their collagen products, so I just wanted to flag this dinky little trio of skincare that I think work really well as an introduction to the brand’s key products; the kit contains the Exfoliant Fluid, Day Collagen and Night Collagen, all of which are in 5.5ml bottles – just enough to give you a feel for the products and decide which to invest in.  I haven’t had a chance to try any of these thoroughly, but I can say that the day and night treatments have both really impressed me – I’ll hopefully update you at a later date! I can’t seem to find a link for the trio (will update as soon as I have) but the QMS Medicosmetics Hydro Foam Mask is £46 here – link.

UPDATE: That particular trio is currently unavailable, but there is an introductory set that includes those three minis alongside four other products from the range here – link.


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