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Obagi Glow CrackerPIN IT

A giant cracker filled with a duo of skincare products that are up there in my all-time favourites hall of fame? YES PLEASE.  I couldn’t believe it when I saw that Obagi had a Christmas line that literally consists of skincare-filled crackers – what amazing presents.  There are three Obagi Christmas Crackers available – Obagi Velvet Cracker which contains the amazing Obagi Hydrate alongside the Obagi Retinol, Obagi Radiant Cracker which contains a trio of skincare fabulousness (Retinol, Elastiderm Eye Complex Serum) and finally my absolute favourite, the Obagi Glow Cracker.

Obagi Glow CrackerPIN IT

Obagi were a real game-changer for me and my skin, so consequently I’ve been banging on about them to anyone who will listen and out of my three favourite products, two of them are included in the Obagi Glow Cracker; you get a full-sized Professional C-Serum 15% (my perfect strength – so much love for this product) and a full-sized Obagi Hydrate.  I challenge you to find a better moisturiser than Obagi Hydrate – I have searched high and low and got nowhere.

Obagi Glow CrackerPIN IT

The presentation of the Obagi Glow Cracker is really good – it’s huge and impressive, so it’ll look great under the tree; you can wrap it or leave it unwrapped, as the whole packaging is very Christmassy.  I personally would take the cracker out of the box and leave the cracker unwrapped under the tree.  If you know someone who loves their skincare then this is a truly fantastic present – I would be totally thrilled to get this – out of all the amazing Christmas bits I was sent for my gift guides, this is definitely the one I wanted to crack open ASAP so I could reunite with my beloved Hydrate!

Obagi Glow CrackerPIN IT

The Obagi Glow Cracker is £117 from Skin Station here – link – where you can find the full Obagi range (Obagi Luxe is next on my “to try” list) and the other crackers are there too.

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