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Temple Spa The Big RevealPIN IT

Temple Spa are a really interesting brand that kind of sit under the radar, but those who are familiar tend to have a few favourites that they rave about – I’ve been a long-term lover of their amazing In The Beginning cleanser (a joy to use in ever sense) and, during a big clear out over the weekend, I came across an unopened bottle of their The Big Reveal, which is an exfoliating Gommage mask, designed to brighten, smooth and soften dull skin, suitable for all skin types.

Temple Spa The Big RevealPIN IT

The first thing of note is the fact that this is a product sold as a “Glycolic Face Peel” but I didn’t really feel any acid tingle on application, which I think is a good thing in a way as it allows for those who are sensitive to acids to get involved, but I was surprised to not feel any kind of reaction.  The second thing to note is that Alcohol Denat is the second ingredient on the list and it’s very obvious when you apply the product that it’s heaving in alcohol.  However, as it’s a Gommage mask – the type of product that needs to be rubbed off the skin – I can kind of see why the alcohol needs to be there, to evaporate quickly and leave the remaining product so it can transform into something you can break down, but I think it’s a big red flag for anyone who hate alcohol in skincare.


That’s all the bad out of the way, now onto the good! The mask provided a surprisingly effective exfoliation that left skin looking noticeably smoother and brighter, whilst feeling exfoliated without any dryness (surprisingly!) or tightness.  It’s a gel formula that you apply to the skin, let sit for a minute, then start rubbing off to create a very gentle, manual exfoliation.  Once you’re happy, you then wash off the remaining bits with a flannel.  It’s an easy process that really is a quick fix; I used this alongside a sheet mask for a very lazy facial that provided really good results.  It’s not cheap at £40 for 50ml, but you will get quite a few uses out of it – I’d say the amount in my hand above was more than you’d need for one application – so it’s definitely a product that’ll last, whilst looking ever-so-pretty on your bathroom shelf.  Find it here – link.

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