Thank You and Hello!

I’m back! Ish.  I’ll be gently easing myself back into blogging over the next few days, including sharing some off-topic posts about my new Little Man who we’ve named Edward.  Unfortunately I had a pretty terrible time with the birth, … read more.

Off-Topic: Little Man Update at 38/39 Weeks

If you follow me on Twitter then you’ll already know that today is my due date, and by that I mean that I’m booked for my c-section at the rather inhumane hour of 7am, so chances are that by the … read more.

Fancy Writing a Guest Post?

Funny Pregnant Blogging

Right, time to share with you some news.  I think I’ve done a really good job at keeping this secret, but I’m actually pregnant.  I know! PREGNANT!! It isn’t as if I’ve spent the last 8 months banging on about … read more.

Off-Topic: Little Man Update at 34+6 Weeks

Little Man at 34+5 weeks

Next Thursday I will be nine months pregnant…quite astonishing! I remember at the very start of this pregnancy thinking that nine months felt like an eternity (I’m impatient at the best of times) and that it would be so difficult … read more.

Off-Topic: Little Man Update at 32 Weeks

As of today I am 32 weeks pregnant, so that’s 8 months.  8 MONTHS PEOPLE! Can you believe it? I honestly cannot believe I’m so far along and in just a few weeks I’ll have my very own son.  Crazy.  … read more.

K Spa Prenatal Massage

K Spa Main Reception

Here’s a treatment I think all expectant mothers will want to know about, since it involves the use of a specially created bed, designed specifically for the use of pregnant women during massage; isn’t that fabulous? K Spa invited me … read more.

Off-Topic: Little Man Update at 29 Weeks

Baby Oliver at 28 weeks and five days

Apologies for two consecutive off-topic posts and the baby theme on the blog today.  

Yesterday I turned 29 weeks pregnant which means that next week I’ll be saying I’m 30 weeks pregnant…30 weeks!! I’ve been Googling images of premature births … read more.

Pre-Birth Essential Treatment at Thai Square Spa

Few beauty bloggers can state that the perks of what we do aren’t amazing, and the fact that I’ve had the privilege of not one, but two courtesy visits to Thai Square Spa proves that point! Last time I visited … read more.