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  1. This sounds really kind of unappealing, but I want to try it! I have breakouts along my jawline that nothing seems to treat, I like that idea of this as an area specific treatment. Can also remove with my beloved konjac, think that might have pushed me 😉

  2. I got it! Marmite, exactly lol! Its quite an experience, my hormonal breakout shrunk right down after using it last night though 😀

    1. It really smells like it doesn’t it?! So glad you’re getting on well with it as it is fab for breakouts; the quickest spot-shrinking mask (in my experience) is the GlamGlow clearing mask…but obviously if the BR one is working really well for you then stick with it xx

    1. No, have you? Did it change the effect at all? I’m always worried about mucking up the acid mantle with such things xx

      1. Yes, just the once, and I think it worked much better for me with a little sprinkled in and a drop of water. On the BR website it says for ‘seborrheic skin mix a pinch of bicarbonate of soda and a few drops of Complexe Iribiol’, I don’t have the Complexe Iribiol so can only imagine it could be even better adding that into the mix too.

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