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  1. It was total hell online for some sites. Beautybay went down because so many going for the 20% discount. I and know others even got the suspicious activity and enter a code. Which was useless as even the code was too busy to work when I tried.

    Feel Unique was a breeze, all I wanted was the Urban Decay eyeshadow primer and got 15% off. In and out and off I went, they even shipped later that day. Beautybay on Saturday morning most of the colours I wanted sold out. Did get a Michael Van Clarke hairbrush with 20% off, I had been looking at it for some time. Then the site went down again later and again on Sunday. Their Facebook page had nothing but complaints. I was surprised to get confirmation that my order was shipped, expected to have to wait for days.

    I think many sites just did not expect the volume beauty buyers wanting to shop. The news was all about the TVs, computers etc.

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