October Boudoir Prive Box

This week appears to have been the week where all beauty boxes were dispatched, as I received two different boxes in a matter of days. Having experienced a couple of these types of boxes for a few months now (I joined another recently too making the tally at three at the moment; probably a tad excessive) and I’m leaning towards favouring Boudoir Prive as I really like the mix of products and there’s usually several stand out products as opposed to just the one. This month is no exception and below is a bit more information on what was in this month’s box.

Clockwise from top: StudioMakeUp Liner Styler Pen in black, Cetuem Illuminating Mask, Memo Paris Les Echappees EDP, Leonor Greyl Huile de Palme, Rose & Co Rose Petal Salve, Cetuem Illuminating Mask and Korres Quince Body Butter.
L-R: Rose Petal Salve, Huile de Palme and Quince Body Butter.

Starting with the Rose Petal Salve by Rose & Co, which is the most beautifully fragranced salve that smells softly of flowers. I am really impressed with this salve as since the cold weather has crept in, my lips have taken quite a beating and I’ve tried various lip treatments over the past few days, with little success, but this balm transformed my lips in a matter of minutes! Not even taking into account it’s gorgeous ‘quaint-chic’ packaging, the fact that it’s so versatile and can be used to sooth dry skin, condition lashes, tame brows etc makes this a steal at £5. The tin included in the box is full size.

I’m really excited to try Huile de Palme as I love pre-wash treatments like VO5 Hot Oil and Philip Kingsley Elasticizer; I think for girls (and guys) with hair on the fine side, a pre-wash treatment is a smarter conditioning option than deep conditioners as these can weigh hair down. This appears to be a really easy treatment to use too, as you don’t need to wet your hair beforehand, you just apply the treatment, comb through, leave in for 5 minutes and then crack on with your hair wash. I’m really looking forward to trying this to see what impact it has on the condition of my hair. We got a 25ml sample in the box and the RRP is £24 for 95ml.

Next up is Korres Quince Body Butter. I’m not really a body butter kind of girl as I tend to use products in the shower that are moisturising so I don’t have to follow up with a cream. It’s mainly laziness but also because I don’t like the feeling of being soaked in sticky cream straight after my shower. However, the smell of this body butter is really lovely so for me, I think this will function as a deeply moisturising hand cream. Included in the box was a 50ml sample and 150ml retails for £12.50.

L-R: Cetuem Creme de Lite and Illuminating Mask.

I’ve heard really good things about Cetuem so I was really excited to see not one, but two products included in this month’s box. I’m a sucker for masks so I’m really looking forward to trying this one. Each sample is 5ml and the Illuminating Mask retails for £25 for 50g and the Creme de Lite retails for £45.

Top to bottom: StudioMakeUp Line Styler Pen and Memo Paris Les Echappees.

I’m really impressed with StudioMakeUp’s Line Styler Pen as the nib is perfect for creating a really fine line (which I personally love) and I went on a hunt for a pen like this a while ago. I use the YSL Automatic Eyeliner for natural days when I want to look well rather than ‘well made-up’ and I’ve yet to find anything like the YSL pen to do the job. This pen is slightly different as it’s more of a felt-tip pen style nib, whereas the YSL is a very thin brush, but this appears to be just as effective at achieving a very skinny line, so I’m thrilled to be introduced to this. This is full-size and retails at £12.

Lastly we have Memo Paris Les Echappees which is just not my thing at all. I’m quite fussy about perfume and I love a strong scent, but this one is a bit…..erm…..how to put it; mature? I think it’s always going to be tricky to send out perfume samples in a beauty box as we all have such different tastes in what we like in a scent, but kudos to BP for including an EDP sample rather than an EDT. I’m not sure of the sample size (I’d guess at about 7ml) but this retails for £69 for 30ml and £105 for 75ml.


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