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    1. It really is fabulous isn’t it? I can’t actually find a negative review on it so I think it has the opportunity to go cult over here xx

  1. I think I have tried this brand before, but an exfoliator. This sounds great…will be ordering my sample 🙂

    1. It really is fabulous, I keep trying out all sorts of different ones but keep coming back to this xx

  2. I am looking for foundation now that my current brand has discountinued the range I use…I am very prone to breakout and has anyone tried it long enough to see if there will be breakout?

    1. I have! I’m very breakout prone too and it doesn’t break me out at all. It’s seriously a really lovely BB Cream that I’ll be repurchasing when I run out xx

  3. O.O

    Was googling this out of curiosity since I’ve been using it regularly for over a year, and in asia, it’s a pretty cheap brand. Despite that, it’s one of the nicest ones I’ve used. No breakouts, blends into a truly nude look, is really sheer and absorbs fast.

    Shocked to find out it costs that much in the UK though, here it only costs US$7 per 20ml, if that.

    1. You know even after all this time I’m still using it, which, considering how many products I managed to get through, is quite a statement! It’s just so easy to work with and provides the perfect level of cover. I wish it was cheaper though; it isn’t that expensive but there are cheaper ones available xx

  4. i have been using the sample they sent me and I have to say it’s lovely and I’ll be buying some soon. I hate feeling like I have makeup caked all over my face, which is what I thought it would do at first but it really doesn’t. Nice even coverage. Would recommend it!

    1. I’m genuinely yet to read a bad review of it as it’s such a good product. Will be gutted when I run out, but I think/hope it’s going to be a little while yet xx

  5. Thanks for your review on this BB Cream. As it is advertised in singapore quite frequently, so i was thinking whether it is really that good. Looks like it gonna be a good BB cream 😀 I will definitely buy it!
    Anyway, i was shocked to see that it is selling £20 in UK O.O cos it only sells at SGD$16.90 in singapore. Quite a really big difference i would say.
    This is a Singapore brand product and their products are always sold at quite a low price here. Was really surprised that they sold that exp in UK 😡 haha.

    1. I have heard that quite a bit; apparently it’s sooo much more expensive here, but to be honest it’s such a good product that I don’t mind paying a few pound extra. Hopefully they’ll reduce the price soon! xx

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