Sk:n Laser Hair Removal: Treatment Five

Last week I had my second to last laser hair removal treatment on my underarms at the Sk:n clinic in East Finchley.  Obviously there’s not a huge amount of info to cover that I haven’t already in previous posts, but what I will say is that, since my last trip to Sk:n I’ve been on holiday (as if I haven’t banged on about it enough) and during the holiday was the only time I’ve shaved my underarms.  The reason I did was because I was in the sun a lot, and whilst in normal lighting you can’t see any hair at all, the sun picks up the light, fluffy hairs that still remain and kind of makes them more obvious, so I had a shave.

Since starting the whole course of laser hair removal I think I’ve shaved less ten times in six months.  I’m not particularly hairy as I’m fair-haired, but I really hate having any sign of underarm hair (especially as mine is dark….or at least it used to be!) so I used to shave every other day during the summer months and, as a consequence, I used to suffer from really bad shaving rash.  All of this is no longer an issue as I really don’t have to shave any more apart from the occasional token gesture.
So it’s safe to say I’m still very happy with my laser hair removal at Sk:n and I happily recommend them to anyone who’s considering having it done.  The process has been quick, easy and relatively painless.  I’ll be writing up my last treatment post after treatment six and I’ll then write a summary post just to run through all the main points.  
Disclosure: treatment provided free for the purpose of this review.  

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