Popup Paris Diamond Candles

There’s no escaping the fact that I do love a good candle.  They’re luxurious, non-essentials that add ambience, aroma and decadence to any living space, although I most enjoy having them lit in my bedroom when I’m getting ready for bed.  

Popup Paris Diamond Candles have just arrived over here and are currently available in two sizes (small and medium – although there are plans for expansion shortly) and five fragrances:
BooBlop: Bamboo – fresh and tonic in pale green
WoodZip: Fire Wood – ash and woody in orange 
WizzNadine: Grenadine – sweet, back to childhood in bright pink
FigShebam: Wild Fig – fruited and noble in purple
RichePow: Rice Powder – Powdery, make-up in bright blue
I had a chance to smell all five fragrances and they’re really well-crafted; no offensive, OTT or tacky scents here! My favourites are BooBlop and WizzNadine, so I chose to sample WizzNadine, of which I’ll review below.  
Before I review the candle itself, it’s worth paying attention to the packaging which has been incredibly well thought out.  Firstly, the whole packaging is glue-free, meaning that the box itself is origami-based and can be folded out to a flat piece of card.  The internal box that houses the candle is also glue-free and opens outwards as you lift the outer case.  
The candle itself is held in a brushed white holder with a diamond emblem in the corresponding colour to the fragrance choice.  The wick is also pre-cut so you don’t have to faff about with trimming it down.  The candle itself burns evenly, and the fragrance level is perfect; it releases gently and effectively without shrouding the room in an overpowering scent.  
I tried not to be “colour biased” with my choice of candle sample, but happily the pink WizzNadine was my favourite fragrance, especially as it wasn’t like anything else I have in my collection.  The creators wanted to evoke memories of childhood with the sweet, berry-scent of Grenadine and they’ve nailed it perfectly with WizzNadine, which gives off a scent that I think is a little like a mix of berries and candy floss.  It sounds sickly, but it really isn’t, it’s fruity, punchy and such a lovely scent that muddles nicely with my overly pink bedroom! It’s girly, fun and I really look forward to burning it nightly, especially as it makes such a welcome alternative to my usual vanilla/jasmine/floral preferences.  
Quality wise, I’d say this is a real contender for the luxury candle market and if I had to slot it in somewhere I’d say it’s up there with Neom and possibly even ahead of Diptyque, although it’s worth noting that I only have limited experience of Diptyque so I can’t state that confidently.  I personally love the simple, chic (very French!) design, and having looked through the catalogue it appears there are plans for some Warhol style designs for future releases which I personally love.  Speaking of Warhol, there’s definitely a Pop Art feel about the brand (I realise the clue is in the name…) which for me adds to the appeal of these candles.  
Image taken from their Facebook page
So why are these called Diamond Candles?  Out of every fifty candles made, a diamond is included in the candle itself.  There’s no way to know which candle it is, but as the minimum order is 50, every store that carries the brand will also carry a candle that contains a real diamond; it’s like a candle lottery! The diamonds are placed roughly half-way down the candle, so as you burn the candle, the diamond will eventually ‘pop-up’ and appear amidst the wax.  These candles are glorious in their own right, but I do love the fact that there’s an added bonus included in one in every fifty; the small candle includes a 0.15 carat diamond and the medium candle contains a 0.25 diamond.  
Popup Paris Diamond Candles have just launched at Harvey Nichols and will be added to their online store soon (I’ll update when they’re up) priced at £20 for the small candle and £50 for the medium candle.  For more information about the brand, check out their main site here, or their Facebook page here.  
Disclosure: PR sample.  


  • Not Just Inside
    November 12, 2012

    Im constantly burning candles in my house

    • Sascha BG
      Not Just Inside
      November 21, 2012

      Me too! I’m just obsessed with them and I can’t explain it; my mum asked why I get so excited about candles and I really don’t know!! xx

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