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Jan Marini C'esta LipsPIN IT

I’m currently putting together a list of products that I’ve found most effective for treating dry lips and I was going to just include the Jan Marini C’esta Lips* recommendation in that list, but I thought it deserved it’s own post as it’s proved an invaluable product for several reasons, and in it’s own review I can go into more detail!

Jan Marini C'esta LipsPIN IT

C’esta Lips is pretty much an all-in-one lip treatment that works to not only sooth dry lips, but also treat signs of ageing around the mouth and smooth the overall texture.  It’s not really comparable to any product I’ve used before, as it’s a thick, gel-like serum that dries matte.  I use this twice a day – AM and PM – but for different reasons.

Jan Marini C'esta LipsPIN IT

In the morning I use it sparingly to treat my lips and prep them for lipstick.  This is the most fantastic lipstick primer as it gives you a completely smooth canvas to work with and as it’s a matte finish, it gives lipsticks something to cling to.  However, if you use too much in the morning then you end up with the exact opposite; a layer of product that will interfere with any further products you apply, plus applying too much will result in the treatment becoming visible on the lips.

Jan Marini C'esta LipsPIN IT

In the evening, I apply a thicker layer and I extend the application out towards the outer area surrounding my lips to ensure that the fine lines that are (very faintly) starting to appear around my mouth and the slight indentation from frowning (which I am trying to do less of!) also get treated.  The lip treatment is part of the C’esta line, meaning that it’s leading ingredient is Vitamin C which is a great smoother and a mild chemical exfoliator.

This is a really lovely product that gets used every single day without fail and has done an amazing job at keeping my lips free from chaps and dryness through the recent bitter cold, so I recommend this if you suffer from dry lips but can’t find anything that works.  It isn’t cheap as it comes in at around the £45 mark, more info can be found at Jan Marini here – link – and purchased from Feel Unique here – link.



  • Natasha Devan
    January 27, 2013

    This sounds pretty good – I like that it works as a primer and you use it twice a day – I have never tried anything by Jan Marini before so good to know. Thanks sascha!

    • Sascha
      Natasha Devan
      January 29, 2013

      Oh you definitely should, it’s a seriously good brand; plus it’s absolutely huge! I really love the C’esta Lips as it has multi-uses, but I get that it might be out of a lot of people’s price range xx

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