New Skin: I don’t want normal skin, I want great skin!

It’s a few weeks in since my last update and my skin is still acting normally.  I’m not completely clear, but I’m down to one teeny tiny spot most days (I’d say all days but I had a day last week where I had two) and these are the type of spots that acne-sufferers dream of; they’re barely visible, easy to conceal and disappear within a couple of days.  No pain, no bleeding, no infection, no manky scabbing and no month-long heal time…it’s all looking very promising!

Therefore, with the new year comes a new skincare focus.  Instead of only taking into account my spots and little else, I can now start work on my other skin issues which I’ve narrowed down to mainly scarring, slightly enlarged pores, skin tone and clarity and, sadly first signs of ageing.  Therefore there are a few things I’ll be starting work on shortly and I thought I’d give you a heads-up so you can get an idea of firstly, what I hope will work with these skin issues and secondly, what reviews will be appearing soon!

PIN ITNow the lovely peeps at Jan Marini have decided it’s time for me to start the next phase of my new skin plan and crank it up a notch with some Glycolic acid peels.  My mum used to administer these when I was a teenager so I’ve already tried them (a long, long, long time ago, back in the day when I was a Goth with a secret Spice Girls obsession) and they were fantastic for my skin, so I can’t wait to start on these again.  Glycolic acid is one of the best things for acne scarring and skin clarity and it’s most suitable for people who are no longer suffering from acne (if you are and you want a peel then consider trying either Lactic acid which is great for sensitive skins or Salicylic acid which cuts through the glue-like oiliness that most acne sufferers have on their skin) and as I’m tentatively regarding myself as this, I’m hoping these will reduce my scarring considerably.

Baby Quasar Plus*

Man am I excitedly and anxiously awaiting the arrival of this bad boy as firstly, I do love me a beauty gadget and secondly, I’ve spent days and days reading reviews and apparently it’s really amazing! It’s a red-light device that promotes cellular renewal as well as healing which is perfect for me at the moment as these are both things that will benefit my skin type immensely.  I’m hoping that it’ll speed up my scarring recovery (by stimulating collagen thus forcing my skin to renew at a quicker rate), improve my overall skin tone and also work on my early signs of ageing which are mostly faint lines on my forehead and around my eyes.  A lot of users have reported that this gives skin the most unbelievable glow after the first few uses, so I cannot wait to get my mitts on this!

Slendertone Face*

Another beauty gadget! I must confess, I’ve had this sitting around for absolutely ages but I didn’t see much point in using it since my skin was so chock full of infected spots that I figured I probably wouldn’t notice any results as whenever I looked at my face, all I saw were spots.  This facial exercising tool is mostly aimed at tightening and lifting any sagging.  Thankfully I’m a little too young to show any major signs of sagging, but since I have a long and rather angular face, I’ll be much more susceptible to sagging so the earlier I start trying to combat it, the better! The other reason I’m keen to introduce this into my regular skin maintenance is due to the fact that I’m hoping the stimulation (the tool sends what I’d describe as little electric shocks which force the muscles to contract) will also stimulate cellular renewal and ensure my skin is repairing as quickly and efficiently as possible.  I’ll update with a more thorough post on this device when I’ve played with it a little longer.

So there we have it! Note that I’m avoiding anything too brutal (yes, microdermabrasion, I’m looking at you) as one of the main things the Jan Marini skincare regime has taught me is that my skin doesn’t need to be scratched away with nasty manual exfoliators and can instead be aided in exfoliation with chemicals such as Glycolic acid.  I really do think that chemical exfoliation is much, much better for all skin types and if you’re like me and miss that buffed feeling you get with manual exfoliation then you can get it from a Washi cloth, muslin cloth or flannel.  Fingers crossed for me everyone and I’ll keep you regularly updated on what’s working and what isn’t.


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