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Michael Van Clark SalonPIN IT

Ages and ages and ages ago, right back when I was bang in the middle of my miserable first trimester full of horrid all day morning sickness, I was invited to an event at the Michael Van Clarke salon.  I’d heard such amazing things about the venue and stylists, but unfortunately the nausea meant I couldn’t attend.  Thankfully, a few weeks later I was invited along for a personal visit where I was given a tour of the facilities as well as a cut and finish with the wonderful Gustav.


The Michael Van Clarke salon is typical central London extravagance with prices to match, although thankfully not ridiculously so.  The venue itself is actually a lot more welcoming than you might expect, whilst still maintaining the high-class ambiance of luxury; it’s comfortable whilst staying just about on the right side of pretentious.

Comfy wash chairs! Woo!

PIN IT Comfy wash chairs! Woo!


I’ll start with the one negative for me, which is that they charge for food and drinks.  Fair enough, charge for certain things, but if you’re somewhere that charges triple figures for a lot of your services, surely you can chuck in a free cup of coffee and a biscuit! Obviously this is a small thing to focus on and probably not of that much importance to most, I just like my coffee…

Perfumes in the toilets prove this place is posh.

PIN IT Perfumes in the toilets prove this place is posh.


I was welcomed by Gustav who immediately knew what I needed done to my hair.  I’m trying to grow out my awesome but too high maintenance fringe, so Gustav put together a style for me that not only worked in harmony with a growing fringe, but would also continue to work as a style the more I grew it; in fact I’d go as far as to say that the style he gave me has only got better as I’ve grown into it more.  The specific technique used to cut my hair is called the Diamond Dry Cut, which involves cutting the hair dry (as the name suggests…) to allow the stylist to get a better idea of where the hair natural falls and peaks, so that issues can be counteracted and you’re far more likely to have a finished style that sits the way you want it to.


It’s actually surprisingly complex as the architecture of the individual’s head shape, hair style and hair type is all taken into account with each slice of the scissors.  The result is a much easier to handle hair style, so if you’re prone to difficult hair then this is the cut for you to try.

Michael Van Clarke Diamond Dry CutPIN IT

The main thing I’ve noticed about my new hair cut is just how easy it is to work with.  Not only can it be styled with gadgets such as tongs or hot air stylers with ease, it can also be comfortably left to dry naturally and still look good, or even rough dried and still look as if I’ve made an effort.  This is the kind of hair style we all need! For more information on the Michael Van Clark salon, head here.  My appointment with Gustav is priced at £95.

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