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Few beauty bloggers can state that the perks of what we do aren’t amazing, and the fact that I’ve had the privilege of not one, but two courtesy visits to Thai Square Spa proves that point! Last time I visited for a Traditional Thai Facial, and this time I was welcomed back for a Pre-Birth Essential.  I won’t go into too much detail around the spa, as you can read about that in my original post here, but I will state that all the wonderful extras I experienced on my first visit – such as the floral foot wash, the relaxed yet luxurious atmosphere and the after care of a drink and a lay down with a magazine – were still very much part of the experience for this treatment too, so I think it’s safe to assume that all the little additions come as standard.

Thai Square Spa - Floral Foot Bath

PIN IT Thai Square Spa – Floral Foot Bath


The Pre-Birth Essential Treatment is designed to treat all the standard niggles of pregnancy, such as fluid retention, swollen ankles, dry skin and other equally sexy ailments.  To cut a long story short, the process involves lots of focused yet gentle massage all over the body, from head to toe.  The most attention is paid to the legs, but everywhere gets some pampering, even the belly! I thought my Little Man was going to make things really difficult for me, as the moment I got comfy on the bed (which is thankfully very easy due to plenty of blankets, pillows and rolled up towels) he started his drumming practice, but thankfully he was soothed to sleep quite quickly so I got to enjoy the treatment.

Thai Square Spa Stock ImagePIN IT

Most of the treatment involved lying on my back with my legs slightly raised with towels, however, there were a couple of points where I was rolled on to my side which, as anyone who’s been pregnant will know, rolling over isn’t the easiest of processes! Thankfully I was given some help to get into position, and once there my legs were placed on rolled up towels to ensure there were no pressure points.  The full treatment itself is 75 minutes long, so I think it’s important that you’re moved around a little throughout as otherwise the weight of baby can start taking its toll when left in one position for too long.  After the treatment, the most noticeable difference for me was how much easier I found walking; my neck and back didn’t ache, I felt looser all over and I definitely felt a lot more relaxed, but it was more of a calm feeling than a “I must find somewhere to sleep immediately” which was surprising as I’m used to wanting to sleep a lot, so it was nice to feel relaxed without the desire for sleep getting in the way.  The brilliant effects of the treatment only lasted a few days, as expected, but man were those days a welcome relief, and on that basis I would happily have this treatment again when it’s all getting a bit much and everything starts tensing excessively.  It’s a lovely treatment that I really recommend for anyone who’s expecting and needs some relief.  It costs £95 and is suitable for women who are 16 weeks pregnant and onwards.  I had my treatment at the Covent Garden Thai Square Spa, and more info on the Pre-Birth Essential treatment can be found here.

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