Japonesque BB/CC Cream Brush

Japonesque BB-CC Cream BrushPIN IT
Think back a few years when BB Creams arrived and we all went mad for them; then came CC Creams and, rather predictably, we have DD Creams on the way, so it was only a matter of time before a brush was designed to be specifically used with these types of foundations…cue Japonesque who have launched their BB/CC Cream Brush.  The cynic in my head has her head cocked to the side wearing a disapproving expression whilst holding a neon sign with the word “FAD” flashing across it, but there’s also the beauty-lover in there (she’s the one who ALWAYS wins) who’s extremely excited about the brush and can’t wait to get it in my mitts for a good bit of play!

The Japonesque BB/CC Cream Brush appears to be a Kabuki style brush with added detail; let’s call it Kabuki+.  The extra details are duo-fibre, duo-length bristles and a contoured head to make buffing in BB/CC Creams a breeze.  It all sounds very good so I’m looking forward to picking it up on my next visit to John Lewis.  It isn’t cheap at £23, but having used quite a few Japonesque brushes before, I can vouch for both their efficiency and longevity; they’re definitely investment brushes that will go the distance with proper TLC.  Here’s the brush at John Lewis – link.  If anyone has used it already I’d love to hear your thoughts!



  • Doreen G.
    June 14, 2014

    I’ve had the BB/CC japonesque brush for
    About 6 months. I love the brush!!
    At first I was skeptical, but thought if it was
    Not worthy of the 30$ price I would bring it back.
    Well I didn’t bring it back because I fell in love
    With the way it buff’s and blends my Bb/CC
    Creams and cream foundation beautifully.
    Sturdy, well made as are any of the japonesque
    Brushes I’ve purchased. Mine has not shed
    at all. Cleans nicely and will last a very long

    • Sascha
      Doreen G.
      June 15, 2014

      That’s so helpful, thanks so much! I’ve just started using the Tarte foundation brush which I think is a lot like this one so I’ll hopefully pick one up soon to compare xx

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