Kiko Sun Show Nail Lacquer in Precious Amethyst


Apologies for the dry cuticles/hands; I’m working on it! I have decided that the Kiko Life in Rio collection is in my top 3 of this year so far as I really, really love it.  It’s bright and fun, yet surprisingly wearable and I’ve really enjoyed having a good play around with the products.  For me, the Sun Show Nail Lacquers have been the most fun of all, so here’s a look at one of the shades, Precious Amethyst.


The Sun Show Nail Lacquers are unashamedly spangley and there’s something very ’70’s lycra’ about the shades available.  I’ll be ordering a couple of other colours as I love the almost metallic sparkle that gives the colour real lift without going into glittery territory.  They’re also very easy to remove, so no glitter issues here.


Two coats are definitely needed for that brilliantly shiny wow factor.  It’s been a while since I’ve received quite so many compliments as I did when wearing Precious Amethyst, but it’s a brilliant shade with a brilliant finish – even my mum kept saying how much she liked it and she’s usually not a fan of any shade other than fuchsia pink!


Precious Amethyst is a brilliant purple shade with strong blue tones that take it almost navy in some lights.  It’s a great shade that’s ever so slightly dirgy, but due to the glitter it can work other all the seasons.


I would absolutely recommend checking out the Sun Show Nail Lacquers from Life in Rio if you like a strong pop of metallic-style colour that are fun, vivid and a real pleasure to wear.  Available now from Kiko here – link – for £5.90.

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