Advanced Nutrition Programme Supplements: Skin Accumax, Skin Omegas+ and Vit A+


For the past few weeks I’ve been taking Advanced Nutrition Programme skin supplements and I am very surprised to say that I am a total convert.  I’ve been taking a good handful of pills on a daily basis; 2 of the Skin Accumax (specifically designed for treating acne), Omega 3 (for overall skin improvement) and Vit A+ which works alongside Vitamin D to improve the overall health of skin.


The past month has probably been the most life-changing (skin wise!) in my life as I’ve completely redirected my approach to skincare.  I’m not using anything harsh in my skincare routine – it’s all about soothing and rehydrating – and I’m taking a truly multi-disciplinary approach to it all; I’m using good quality skincare, having regular facials, using my Sqoom device a few times a week and I’m taking these supplements.


I have always wanted to take supplements but never really been able to keep to them, mainly because I can’t swallow pills.  However, when I read up on these skin-loving pills from Advanced Nutrition Programme, all I kept hearing was how amazing they were, so I decided to open them all up and take them on a spoonful.  To do this is quite easy, you just pull apart the pills and empty the powder on to a spoon.  The only tricky one is the Omega pill (of which I take two) as it’s an oil rather than a powder, so I cut into it with a knife and squirt the oil on top of the powder on the spoon before consuming the lot.  It’s the not the nicest experience; a powdery mouthful laced with fishy oil (YUM) but it’s quick and painless and it’s allowed me to keep taking them on a daily basis.


As I said, the results from the pills are extremely quick; within 3 or so days my skin was clearer, a lot less red and mostly importantly, the spots I get (still 1 or 2 always present but hopefully not for much longer!) are what I’d call ‘normal’ spots; they don’t hurt, they’re not massive cystic lumps and they disappear very quickly.  The quality of my skin is what’s the most noticeable as it really has started to look like good skin again; it’s got a healthy glow and is so much more balanced.  Once I’ve run out of my samples I will absolutely be replacing them.  They’re not cheap but they are a very worthy investment and if you’re struggling with skin problems then I really recommend trying these out; even if you just go for the Accumax which is designed for spotty skin, have a Google and see the raves!

60 capsules (1 month supply) of the Omegas are £22 here – link.

120 capsules (2 month supply if you take 2 a day, 1 month supply if you take 4 a day which you can do) of Skin Accumax costs £62.95 here – link.

60 capsules (2 months supply) of the Vit A+ costs £15.99 here – link

It’s a really good idea to have a consultation with a prescriber (I went to Skin3 here – link) or your doctor before taking any new pills just to be on the safe side.

*PR Samples



  • Marija Pavlovic
    March 15, 2016

    What would you say about this products from this time distance?
    I am on my way to buy Skin Accumax just to avoid taking Roaccutane, so I desperately need your opinion!
    Thank you

    • Sascha
      Marija Pavlovic
      March 15, 2016

      Hi Marija,

      As long as you don’t mind the expense and are happy to keep taking it then it’s a truly brilliant product that makes a huge difference. I’m with you, I’d avoid taking Roaccutane at all costs! xx

      • Marija Pavlovic
        March 22, 2016

        Thank you very much for quick response!
        Great blog you are having here, keep going!

        • Sascha
          Marija Pavlovic
          March 22, 2016

          No probs Marija, thanks so much! Hope they work for you xx

  • Sophia
    July 8, 2016

    Hi, I’ve just heard of this product as I’ve been avoiding roaccutane due to the nasty side effects. Have you experienced any side effects ?

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