Pixi Summer 2014


Pixi is a brand that I absolutely love and I don’t think they’ve ever released anything that I wasn’t extremely fond of in that silly, girly way that only certain types of make-up evoke.  When visiting the Pixi store just off Carnaby Street yesterday and having a chat with the brand’s amazing make-up artist Amanda Bell (visit her Instagram here for shots of her beautiful make-up looks) I realised that the reason I love the brand so much is because I’m such a fan of feminine make-up; neutral eyes, gently flushed cheeks and pretty pink lips and Pixi is truly all about the pretty.  They are the champions of easy to wear make-up that will increase your natural prettiness rather than try and change anything; even their take on brights are still very flattering and wearable.  If you’ve heard of Pixi, it’s probably due to their infamous Glow Tonic toner (which you can now buy online here FYI) which people rave about as a cheaper alternative to Biologique Recherche’s P50, but if you’re unfamiliar with their make-up range and you like products that really do enhance and flatter, I urge you to either visit the Pixi store or the online shop here – link – immediately!


As expected, the summer Pixi launches are lovely.  There are six new things to focus on covering all the main beauty elements; eyes, lips, brows, base and nails plus some new scents too.  The new Nail Colours are gorgeous and there are two that I would imagine to be extremely popular; LA Blue – a vivid, striking blue inspired by the LA blue skies and Makeup Artist Mauve – a dirgy, murky, nude mauve that’s extremely unusual and I would imagine quite tricky to dupe.  It’s an awesome shade so keep your eyes peeled for my NOTD post soon.  The Nail Colours are £8 each.


Next are the Mesmerizing Mineral Palettes, of which there are three variants, each costing £12.  Each palette contains six coordinated shades and the three colour-ways are Emerald Gold, Plum Quartz and Copper Peach, the latter of which is the very definition of the Pixi approach to beauty, full of sheer, pretty and flattering shades with a hint of shimmer.


The H2O Skin Tints are very sheer, gel-based foundations that are designed to just even out skin and tone down any redness.  Obviously not my sort of thing since I need a lot of coverage, but they look lovely and they’re available in three shades at £21 each.  Next up are the travel version of the popular Flawless Vitamin Veil and I loved the idea of this! Not only is it handy for travel, it’s also a great way to try the foundation without committing to the full-sized product.  These dinky minis are £9 each.

Next up are the products that I’m most excited about, the gorgeous Shea Butter Lip Balms.  Annoyingly I didn’t get a clear enough shot of them, but they’re in right of the main picture at the top of the post.  There are six variants, most of which fall into the pink category and there’s also a clear version if you like to nourish without colour.  They are truly gorgeous shades that are right up my street, and I love the fact that they’re in a tradition lip balm bullet format.  These are £8. Last but by no means least are two new shades of the Natural Brow Duo.  There’s now a Deep Brunette and a Soft Black added to the suits-all Natural Brown shade.  The duos are double-ended pencil and gels and they’re £12.50 each.


I’m not sure whether the perfume range is new or not, but it’s in such cute packaging and each scent is so charmingly simplistic that I thought they were worth a mention.  There are three scents in total: Mimosa, Fig and Rose, the latter of which is a very true rose that any floral fans will absolutely love.  Mimosa and Rose are available in rollerball oil formats, whilst Rose and Fig are available as sprays, with the rollerballs costing £12 each and the sprays £24 each.

There we have my run-down of the new arrivals to Pixi.  As you can see, there’s lots of gorgeousness with brilliant, beautiful takes on easy, comfy and flattering shades.  I absolutely recommend checking them out if you haven’t already.


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