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I’m always excited about new Pixi launches as they really are a truly lovely brand; if you like your make-up easy, flattering, pretty and relatively traditional then Pixi is the brand for you.  There are some lovely new arrivals that I thought I’d quickly show you, along with a look at their AW14 collection which is extremely autumnal.  The new launches are mostly eye products, but there are a couple of other goodies to check out too.


Without further ado, let’s have a look at the two new edits of the Mesmerizing Mineral Palette which are collections of six shadow shades along with a nice, soft and double-ended shadow brush.  The two new edits are Rich Gold – warm shades of moss, khaki and gold and Silver Sky which is the perfect blue shadow collection if you don’t like blue shadow!



The shades of Silver Sky are smoky, stormy and really very wearable – there’s no risk of going 80’s with these shades! Silver Sky is the perfect name for this the colours evoke images of thundery skies with that slightly electric feel – very cool edit.  These are £12 each here – link.


Next are the Fairy Dusts which are new launches and come in six shades, although I somehow managed to only photograph five of them! These are dinky little pots of shimmer with firm applicators that will provide a multitude of uses depending on what shade you go for.  These are the products that I think a lot of people will get excited about, but for some reason they’re not doing it for me on first impression and I can’t really say why! Having said that, I will give them a good go and I’ll post swatches soon. These are £10 each here – link.


Last for eyes we have both a new shade of the fantastic Endless Silky Eye Pen (if you haven’t tried the SageGold shade then you MUST as it’s soooo flattering!) in GlimmeryBlack, which, as the name suggests, is a true black shot through with silver shimmer which is £12 here – link.  Crayon Combo is another new launch available in four shades.  These are double-ended creamy pencils with various different features, again depending on what you’re after; so for example the Super Smoky is an easy way to achieve a smoky eye, whereas the Wide Awake is more about lightening and brightening if you’ve missed out on your beauty sleep.  These are £14.40 here – link.


Now on to nails! There are three new arrivals; 2 new colours and 1 new top coat.  The new shades are Olive Gold – an olive shade shot through with gold shimmer and Imperial Blue – a seriously deep navy shade.  If you’d described Olive Gold to me I would’ve avoided it like the plague as it isn’t the sort of thing I’d normally like, but it’s actually a really interesting shade so I might have to try it soon and see if it suits me. The new shades are £8 here – link.  The Brightening Top Coat has a slightly blue tone with the idea that it’ll brighten any polish you’re wearing.  I’m not sure if that’s absolutely necessary but I can understand why some might like it! It’s £8 here – link.


Lastly we have an extremely seasonal shade of the Tinted Brilliance Balms (the Pixi version of Chubby Sticks) in Soft Sienna which is described as Terracotta shade, but I think that makes it sound quite orange whereas I think it’s quite a red shade – I certainly like it! It’s £12 here – link.  The new arrivals are mostly base products including the new Concealing Concentrate – a high coverage, matte finish concealer that’s currently only available in one shade for some reason – £12 here – link – and the Quick Fix Powder which is a colour-free setting powder for £18 here – link.  There we have it! Lots of seasonal loveliness coming our way from Pixi.  All can be found online or checked-out in person at their Carnaby Street store.

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