No7 Match Made Lips: Calico Plums and Reds


We’ve seen the pinks here and the corals here, so now we’re on to the final post in the series of Calico shades from the new Boots No7 Match Made Lipstick service, which are the plums and reds.  The reason I’ve grouped them together is because there are only two plum shades and one red shade that I have to show you, so I thought it’d make more sense as a single post.


The plum shades are both Moisture Drench and are called Cranberry Kiss and to confuse matters, Deeply Pink.  It still bugs me that the names are a bit all over the place – if a shade is called something or other pink then  surely it’d sit better in the pinks category? – but I think they’ve based their grouping on the colours themselves rather than the names.


Cranberry Kiss is a deep pink shade that I would describe as a slightly purple magenta colour.  It’s a pretty berry shade that works particularly well for the seasonal change – it’s very autumnal.  Deeply Pink is a slightly lighter more red-leaning take on the plum shade; again I’d say you don’t need both of these as they are quite similar.


There are two red shades for Calico complexions, Soft Paprika in the Moisture Drench line and the shade I have, which is Brick Red in the Stay Perfect line.  Brick Red is a bit of a silly name in my opinion, since for me it evokes images of the actual brick red shade which is a terracotta shade…thankfully this is far from terracotta!


Brick Red is a fantastic red; it’s vibrant without being too bright and a really lovely, classy take on a red lip.  As you can see from the swatch, it’s a true red, leaning neither too cool nor too warm – it’s just fab! The full No7 Match Made lip line is available now, and if you know your foundation shade then you can find your corresponding lipstick shades here – link.

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