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There was a rumble of excitement when news of the British Beauty Blogger and Marks & Spencer collaboration first arrived, as we all knew it was going to be a good’n and thankfully that is very much the case.  There are six products in the range so far, but the one I was most excited about was the Eye Pencil Kit which I’ll be sharing with you now.  It’s a set of 8 kohl pencils of varying shades and textures in typical BBB style; the colours are wearable yet apart from the standard black, there’s nothing too typical and instead the shades are vibrant and pretty or deep and sultry.


Out of the eight pencils, there are four colours and four shades, with the latter including a standard black, a sparkling black, a mid red-leaning brown and a mid slate grey.  The four colours are a pale, teal green, a vivid, cobalt blue, a pale lilac and the most interesting shade in the collection which is the blue/grey/mauve shade that’s a great choice if you want to introduce more colour into your make-up but fear looking too 80s.


The thing that I was most excited about when I heard about these pencils is the fact that they’re kohls rather than more typical, standard eyeliners.  Kohl gives you a lot of room to play as you can use them typically to line the eye, or you can smudge them in for more of a smoky effect, however what I’m using them most for is tight-lining and water-lining, both of which they are fab for.  Tight-lining involves going under the lashes to line the eye rather than over them to give a very neat, hint of a line with *amazing* definition, whilst water-lining involves using them on the actual skin that sits flush to the eyeball itself.

M&S BBB Eye Pencil KitPIN IT

I loooove water-lining, especially on the upper-lash line as it gives such a natural yet polished effect and these eye pencils are smooth and creamy enough to perform this task beautifully.  Water-lining the upper lash-line takes a bit of practice, but I really recommend persevering as once you’ve cracked it, it’s one of the quickest and easiest ways to add a very pretty bit of definition.  Up until recently I’d stuck with black, but the arrival of these kohls gave me a chance to experiment a bit more and it’s been great fun.


My favourites of the bunch are the standard black, the brown, the pale lilac (such a gorgeous, pretty hint of colour) and the purple/blue/grey shade that’s tricky to describe and very unusual. I cannot believe that you get all these shades for £15 – the quality is fantastic and the shades are winners, so when I found out the price I was pretty blown-away.  On top of that, there’s currently a 3for2 happening at M&S so you can get a lot of beauty booty for your money.  You can find the pencils here – link.

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  • gio
    November 6, 2014

    What a great set! The colours all look so pretty!

    • Sascha
      November 6, 2014

      They’re fab aren’t they? Really, really good set xx

  • britishbeautyblogger
    November 19, 2014

    Thanks for such a lovely post Sascha… so happy you like them!

    • Sascha
      November 20, 2014

      Thanks Jane! They are fabulous xx

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