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I’m working really hard at trying to improve my ‘hand health’ at the moment as my hand skin is so dry, my cuticles are rubbish, and quite frankly unless I have a manicure at least once a week, my hands very quickly look rough and aged due to firstly being on crutches (they’re exposed and bashed about quite a bit) and secondly having to wash Teddy bottles regularly.  I’m better with the latter, as I’m mostly in the habit of wearing washing-up gloves, but there hasn’t been a noticeable improvement from that alone yet.  Thankfully E45 have come to the rescue with their fantastic range of hand creams.


There are three variants, Nourish & Restore for dry skin, Intense Recovery for very dry skin and Repair & Protect Overnight cream.  I think it’s quite easy to jump to the conclusion that products designed for dry or very dry skin are going to be overly rich, buttery and even greasy, but that isn’t the case with any of these three.  I tried them each for a few days in a row, and each time I started a new cream I’d conclude that to be my favourite, until I started on the next one, then that would be my favourite.  These are a brilliant trio of hand creams that deliver on serious moisture and hydration leaving hands feeling and looking noticeably smoother and softer.  I love it when a bargain product delivers! You definitely don’t need all three, and to be honest you could use any of them as either day or night products as none of them leave a residue.  If I absolutely had to pick a favourite, I’d go for the Intense Recovery as it’s almost silky in its delivery and my hands respond well to it.  Each of these hand creams is £3.99 a go, however at the moment they’re on special at Boots for £2.66 a pop here – link.

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