Hugo Boss Ma Vie EDP


I loved the Hugo Boss Jour Pour Femme fragrance (review here) so I was really excited to hear a new female fragrance was coming from the brand, named Ma Vie.  If you tried Jour Pour Femme and you found it overly girly or floral then I recommend trying Ma Vie which is  a much greener and woodier fragrance whilst still maintaining a floral heart.


The notes of Boss Ma Vie are: Cactus Flower at the top, Pink Freesia, Jasmine and Rose at the heart with Cedar at the base.  Ma Vie is less of a crowd-pleaser than Jour Pour Femme, but it’s still just feminine enough and the Cedar thankfully doesn’t take it too far into masculine scent territory.


On first spray you’re hit with slightly zingy, floral notes that settle down into a a greener finish.  The Cedar, I feel, is just there to compliment the rest of the notes rather than dominate which again keeps the smell feminine.  As someone who loves an overly girly scent, I prefer Jour Pour Femme generally, but both scents are lovely and I’d say Jour Pour Femme works well as a day scent whilst Ma Vie is more of a sexy night fragrance, but of course both work for either – I wore a night fragrance all through summer; there really are no rules you can’t break when it comes to fragrance!  Hugo Boss Ma Vie is available now at £36.50 for 30ml, however for just a few quid more (£39.99) you can get 50ml here – link.

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