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Yup! You read that right – Philips Beauty UK have created a pair of heels to compliment their Lumea Precision Plus IPL hair reduction device, but before you right the shoes off as a marketing ploy, it’s worth noting that quite a bit of research went into their creation.

Lucy Choi Philips Lumea HeelsPIN IT

First things first, the heels are extremely limited edition with only 30 pairs made, plus they were designed by Lucy Choi who is the niece of the legend that is Jimmy Choo.  Philips did their research and found that 90% of women found most confidence in a silky smooth legs with a pair of killer heels, so having already delivered a product that helped with the silky smoothness, it made sense to address the other element of creating a great pair of shoes.


Consequently, they took to Twitter and Facebook to find out what the perfect pair of heels should look like, such as what colour, heel height and materials should be used.  The outcome was the Lumea Heels you see in the image above, a celebration of female confidence.  On a personal note, whilst it’s easy to snort at the revelation that smooth legs make such a difference to confidence, I can vouch for this fact having shaved my legs for the first time in quite a while (I won’t go into detail, it’ll only horrify you) a couple of weeks ago and teaming that with a little bit of body maintenance – pedicure and a scrub mostly –  really did make the world of difference.  It’s the little things! For more info on the Philips Lumea Precision Plus (which, at the time of writing, has £50 off) head here – link.



  • The Words of Beauty
    January 9, 2015

    I am so in love with these shoes. Marketing ploy or not…I’m sold to these pretty pair. –

    • Sascha
      The Words of Beauty
      January 12, 2015

      They are gorgeous, aren’t they? You can’t beat a good limited edition pair either! xx

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