Illamasqua Skin Base and Rich Liquid Foundations

Illamasqua Skin Base and Rich Liquid FoundationsPIN IT

I tried the Illamasqua Skin Base a few years ago and didn’t get on with it at all, but looking back, I think this was mostly because I didn’t have the right colour plus I didn’t know how to prep skin.  The main issue I had with it was that it showed up dryness which is still the case, so you just need to ensure you’re adequately moisturised (and ideally prepped with a moisturising primer too) if you’re prone to dry patches.  Fast-forward a few years and both the Illamasqua Skin Base and the Illamasqua Rich Liquid Foundation have become stars in my base kit, with the latter speedily becoming my all-time favourite coverage product. I’ve reviewed them together as they work so well together, giving me a coverage and finish that I’m really happy with.

Illamasqua Skin Base and Rich Liquid Foundations ReviewPIN IT

I’ll start with the Illamasqua Skin Base which I was colour matched to shade 3.5.  I don’t think the Illamasqua online shade guide is that helpful so I do really recommend getting shade matched in store if you can.  Skin Base is a medium to full, extremely buildable base that I’d describe as a “Goldilocks” foundation as it’s just right – it isn’t too sheer, nor is it too heavy, it isn’t too dewy, nor is it too matte, so it’s a great all-round base product that you can ‘dew-up’ with an illuminator or ‘matte-down’ with a powder.  I stipple this on then buff it into the skin.  I don’t find I need a lot of layers as it tones down my pigmentation and hides blemishes really, really well.  On good skin days (I have them occasionally) I could definitely get away with just using this and it lasts very well.  I do think it oxidises slightly, so you might want to go slightly paler to err on the side of caution, but other than that I can’t fault it and it’s £32 here – link.

Illamasqua Skin Base and Rich Liquid Foundations On the FacePIN IT

Now onto the absolute star of the show which is the Illamasqua Rich Liquid Foundation.  This stuff is absolutely phenomenal for coverage and it buffs into skin like nothing else – if you are are spot-prone or have pigmentation issues then GET THIS NOW.  Again, I’d strongly recommend getting shade-matched (I’m 120) and again you’ll need a well hydrated base to start with, but I use this as a spot and under-eye concealer and it is just brilliant.  I dab it on to spots and then buff it in which gives a high coverage yet natural finish which I then set with powder.  I haven’t tried this as a full on face foundation, but I have used it over patches of pigmentation and as long as you buff it into the skin it works really well.  I use it under my eyes too and it covers everything – it really does cover like you wouldn’t believe; I can’t rave about it enough! It’s £30 here – link – and a teeny, tiny smidgen goes a long way, so this bad boy will last.

Illamasqua Skin Base and Rich Liquid Foundations FOTDPIN IT

As I’m sure you’ve worked out, these two get a big thumbs-up from me.  Skin Base is a great all-round foundation and Rich Liquid is the perfect top-up for tricky skin.  They work really well together, leave a natural finish and last the day once set in place with powder.  If you just want to pick up one of these two then I’d go for the Rich Liquid as it’s so versatile and perfect for all elements of concealing.  Just make sure you get shade matched first.

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  • TropicalChrome
    February 23, 2015

    Thanks so much for this review! The foundations look lovely on you. I’ll be traveling to the UK this spring and one of the things I’ve wanted to do is visit an Illamasqua shop because I’ve heard such wonderful things about their foundations. Would either of these be good for someone with oily skin? Dryness really isn’t an issue for me, but oil is.

    • Sascha
      February 23, 2015

      Ooo you should definitely visit an Illamasqua shop – ideally the main one on Beak Street as it’s fabulous! I would definitely recommend either of these for oily skin as long as you set it in place with a bit of powder. Also keep in mind that I think it’s the oily parts of my face that caused a slight oxidisation that darkened the shade a little, so maybe go slightly lighter than you might normally xx

      • TropicalChrome
        February 24, 2015

        Thanks for the tips – I’ll definitely try to get to that store! And I’ll definitely ask about oxidation, since I’m oily all over (I only get rare dry patches during the worst of the winter and then only if it lasts a long time).

        • Sascha
          February 25, 2015

          No problem – I think the Skin Base will suit your skin type perfectly xx

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