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Oral B Pro 600 White & Clean Toothbrush ReviewPIN IT

Even though I’m almost 2 years smoke-free (yay!) and I always said that if I made it a year I’d really lay in to getting my teeth scary, Simon-Cowell-esque white, the buckets of coffee I consume on a daily basis has left me with pretty stained teeth – not smoker stained, but stained enough to need some attention.

Oral B Pro 600 White & Clean Toothbrush Brush HeadPIN IT

I’ve been trying out the Oral B White Collection which consists of an electric toothbrush – the Pro 600 White & Clean – and the 3D White Luxe Glamorous Shine toothpaste.  Let’s look at the toothbrush first, which is well-priced, mid-ranged electric brush with a rather fancy head:

Oral B Pro 600 White & Clean Toothbrush Review Brush HeadPIN IT

As you can see, the outer part of the head contains typical toothbrush bristles, but the inner part is a little bit of a flexible plastic that gently rubs away at stains whilst your brushing.  The two brush head elements combine to ensure teeth are thoroughly scrubbed without damaging the enamel.

3D White Luxe Glamorous Shine toothpastePIN IT

The 3D White Luxe Gamorous Shine Toothpaste has been designed specifically to work alongside the toothbrush to ensure maximum stain removal.  I really rate Oral B toothpastes as the ones I’ve used have always felt great; they have a gentle grit to them that leaves teeth feeling really smooth and clean.  I love the concept of the toothbrush but the problem is that it’s a little too clunky for my liking.  By this I mean I don’t find it particularly easy to get into all the nooks and crannies, unlike my beloved Sonicare which makes light work of teeth-cleaning.  However, being greedy and wanting the best of both worlds I’ve been brushing my teeth with the Sonicare, then doing a 60 second polish on all my visible teeth with the Oral B, thus hopefully enjoying the best of both worlds! I can’t say for sure that my teeth are considerably whiter yet, but they’re certainly more polished, cleaner and smoother and I’m motivated enough to keep going with both products.  The toothbrush is on special at Boots for £24.99 (usually £49.99) here – link – and the toothpaste is a total bargain at £3.99 (or 2 for £6) here – link.

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