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Fresh have been around since the early 90’s, so I’m sure there are plenty of you who are familiar with the brand, but there are also likely to be quite a few of you who aren’t; if you’re like me and you’d heard of Fresh but never had the chance to find out more, hopefully this’ll help a bit!

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Last night I popped along to the newly refurbished Fresh store on the Marylebone High Street.  Right from the get-go there’s something a bit special about Fresh – as soon as you walk in you’re faced with a fantastic display of beauty in all it’s forms, from the more traditional soap options that are displayed like a bakery cake exhibit near the front of the store, to the beautiful and almost fairy-tale-like Sensorial Bar, where you’ll find all manner of fragrance options to experiment with at your leisure.

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For me, to two most appealing areas are the Sugar Lips stand, which is like a vending machine, pick ‘n’ mix array of the infamous tinted lipbalms, but probably more so than anything is the skincare displays.  If done right, a skincare display can be so wonderfully enticing; all the different aromas, ingredients and formulations inviting you to sniff and sample, and Fresh have absolutely nailed this.

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What I find really exciting about the skincare lines that Fresh offer are the ingredients used; there’s lots there that hasn’t been overly exploited as possible skin-lovers, such as soy, peony, lotus and black tea – whilst I realise these have all been featured elsewhere, Fresh have full ranges focusing on each ingredient which look and sound fantastic, plus having done quite a bit of research into the early hours of this morning, it seems these ranges deliver on their promises.  Speaking of which, I reviewed their Black Tea overnight mask here if you fancy a read.  I had a play with a few products whilst there and I have to say, if you like rose products then you HAVE to check out their rose range – there’s a rose water spray that is just gorgeous and a mask that contains 200 crushed rose petals, both of which I’m planning to purchase soon as I can’t stop thinking about them!

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Finally, the gift-wrapping service is so incredibly pretty that it deserves a mention; ribbon-wrapped, powder blue boxes containing tissue paper where your purchases sit, isn’t it so pretty? If money was no object I would gift everyone something from here.  Now onto the downside – I don’t think you can order online as I can’t seem to find a UK site (please sort this out Fresh, I need to order!) so obviously you’ll need to go instore to purchase…or maybe there’s a mail order available? I’ll do some research and update.  I was given a few products to take away from the event last night (pictured above) so keep your eyes peeled for reviews soon. In the meantime, check out the range here – link – or head to the Marylebone store at 92 Marylebone High Street.


Unfortunately at the moment you can only order by mail (so give the store a call – info here – link) but apparently an online shop will be launching later this year; can’t blimin’ wait!!


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