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Lip care is a funny thing, as lips, and the immediate surrounding area, can quickly develop signs of aging, yet we might spend a small fortune on skincare for our whilst whilst not giving much consideration to the skincare we use on our lips.  Skinceuticals, the kings of antioxidant skincare, have recently launched their version of a lip treatment, and it’s safe to say it’s packed with all kinds of goodies that your lips will benefit from absorbing.

The Skinceuticals AOX (Antioxidant) Lip Complex is, as the name suggests, an antioxidant packed lip treatment with the key actives being two powerful antioxidants alongside hyaluronic acid and vitamin E.  This means that it’s a highly hydrating product that’ll keep your lips looking and feeling nourished, whilst the antioxidants will get to work on preventing environmental damage.  You can add this on to your current skincare routine as an AM or PM lip treatment, or, if you don’t mind repurchasing a bit more often, it can take the place of your regular lip balm, especially as it’s sturdily packaged so it should travel well.  I personally like it as a base under lipstick as it doesn’t leave a film of any kind, but instead leaves lips feeling hydrated and plump, making it particularly handy for the influx of matte lipsticks that we’re getting this coming season.  It’s £35 here link and here link.

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