Colour Contouring and Restyle at Charles Worthington


There are few better ways to perk yourself up than a good restyle and recolour, although of course going to someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing can have the opposite effect, but thankfully my most recent visit to the salon was to see the amazing Johanne at the Charles Worthington salon in Percy Street, London, for a total hair revamp.


A few days previously to my appointment, I had visited Jonanne for a Dry Bar Style (more on that later!) and we got talking about what she’d do with my hair.  I’m so used to people recommending certain types of cuts and colours that I’m not a huge fan of, so when Johanne started talking about styles and shades that I really love, I wanted to make an appointment with her ASAP, so a few days later, in I came for my hair makeover.

Charles Worthington Before and After Cut and ColourPIN IT

Johanne is a lovely, chatty and very knowledgeable hair pro who knows all the best techniques, so I was excited to get my hair done with her.  Colour-wise we agreed to go for a mix of Balayage – a free-hand technique that gives a very natural finish that grows out without looking too stark, something we agreed would be of benefit to me since I’m not in a position to maintain regular colour – and the Colour Contouring, which is a new technique that involves using light and dark colour to both enhance and disguise features, much in the same way makeup contouring works.


Johanne and I agreed that we’d keep the colour lighter around the front of the face, with the bulk of the Balayage throughout the sides and back, whilst deepening the overall colour so the root growth wouldn’t be so obvious.  We also threw-in a pink toner, believe it or not, and I am total convert as even though my hair is in no way pink by any stretch of the imagination, it has the slightest pink hue, and as pink is a colour that really suits me (and consequently appears in both my makeup and clothing wardrobe regularly) that tiniest hint completely lifts my face and is very flattering.


The salon itself is fabulous and a real joy to visit.  It’s luxury without the pretentiousness, and I’m especially impressed by their approach to refreshments; there’s a great menu of drinks, and depending on what you order, you get nibbles alongside your drink – on the day I had a coke with salmon blinis and a latte with a brownie.  You pay £2 on top of your bill for all of this, which I think is such a fab idea, plus the offerings change seasonally to keep things interesting.  Everyone at the salon is professional yet friendly and the ambience is light and energetic, whilst still being relatively relaxed.


The cut is also perfect for me, being just the right length for my face shape; long enough so I can get it into a ponytail, but short enough so that it doesn’t go below my shoulders – I have found that this mid-length is the most flattering for me and I plan to keep it around this point from now on, if not maybe even slightly shorter, as long as I can still get it into a pony on lazy days! I had such a great experience with Johanne and I’m hoping to bring my mum in for a consultation soon; she’s up front, no-nonsense and very knowledgeable, so all these elements combined make her extremely good at what she does.  The treatments I had included the Colour Contouring, which starts at £90 at Charles Worthington Salons.  Find out more from the Charles Worthington site here – link.

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  • Rachel
    October 14, 2015

    Ooh it looks so good! Definitely the kind of colour I need to try x

    • Sascha
      October 27, 2015

      Thanks Rachel! I had such a fab time there and the treatments were fab xx

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