Carex Care+Plus Hand Washes

Carex Care+Plus Hand WashesPIN IT

I’ve been meaning to post about these for absolutely ages, as whilst not the most exciting of products to talk about, they’re something we all use and these ones are executed especially well.  The Carex Care+Plus Hand Washes come in three different scents, and provide all the things you’d like from a hand wash; they care for hands, they smell fabulous and most importantly, they kill 99.9% of bacteria.

Carex Care+Plus Hand Washes ReviewsPIN IT

I am struggling to decide which scent I prefer as all three are lovely.  Pictured above is the Care+Plus Luxurious Hand Wash, which is scented with Macadamia Oil and Vanilla.  Even though the three hand washes that form the Carex Care+Plus range all have slightly differing names, they all provide the same basics.

Carex Care+Plus Hand Wash ReviewsPIN IT

They all provide 3 x more skin conditioners, meaning hands are left feeling soft and fragrant.  You still need a moisturiser afterwards as I wouldn’t say these are overly hydrating, but for products that disinfect so effectively, it’s impressive that they don’t dry out skin at all.  The one pictured above is the Care+Plus Enriching Hand Wash which is scented with Coconut Oil and Almond.

Carex Care+Plus Hand Wash ReviewPIN IT

The final scent is the Care+Plus Indulgent Hand Wash which is fragranced with Argan oil and cocoa.  All three washes sud-up beautifully to create a soft and velvety foam that feels soothing and kind on the hands.  These are also so cheap at £2.20 a go (although I’ve noticed they’re at Sainsbury’s for £1.60) so they really are ideal hand washes that provide care, comfort and a lovely fragrance.  You can read more about them here – link – and pick them up at all major retailers.

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