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It seems you can get pretty much anything delivered in a monthly box now; whereas it used to just be the beauty boxes, there are now food boxes, sanitary product boxes, treat boxes, pet boxes (that deliver stuff for your pets, not actual pets, just to clarify…) and one of the newest boxes to the market is the Friction Free Shaving box, or FFS, which is a very basic principle that makes a lot of sense; a while ago I featured the Primal Man Shaving Club, now it’s the girls’ turn.

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The Friction Free Shaving box works on the theory that you need a new razor blade a week, so you get a monthly delivery of 4 blades that suit the razor you picked on your first order.  There are three types of razor you can pick, the two blade head for £3 a month, the three blade head for £5 per month and the five blade head for £7 a month.  I went for the three blade head because it’s pink because I thought that going for the mid range would give me a better idea of what to expect from the service.

Friction Free Shaving ReviewsPIN IT

Firstly, one kind of big flaw of the service from my perspective is that I don’t do enough shaving to warrant a new blade every week.  I’m fair and I’m not excessively hairy – even less so since I started at-home IPL – so I would only need to change the blade at most once a month.  Whilst a ‘blade a week’ might work for someone who shaves their very hairy legs and underarms every day, for most of us, it’s a tad excessive.  With that in mind, what would be particularly helpful if there was a little easier to tailor to personal preference; for example, two blades a month rather than four, or a box that’s delivered every other month.  Having said that though, the service is so reasonably priced that I think you can forgive having too many blades…you just might end up with a bathroom full of new blades whilst you try and work your way through!

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On to the razors themselves; as I mentioned, I went for the middle-of-the-road one which is a three blade number that I think is probably most suited to those who are about average when it comes to hairiness.  The five blade one would be ideal for anyone with a lot of hair and the two blade for those who have very fine hair, such as those who have had laser/IPL.  I really like my razor; I think it’s feminine yet sturdy and it has the weight and strength that you normally associate with male razors, as opposed to the plastic, flimsiness often found in female razors. The FFS service is a very good, practical set-up that’s very well priced (P+P is included) and something that fills a gap in an extremely full market.  Check out Friction Free Shaving here.

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  • Natalie (2@22)
    July 5, 2016

    Great review! Thanks. Purchasing now, and they now offer the bi-monthly service ?

  • Joanna
    July 8, 2016

    They also have an offer now where if you have too many blades you can click “Send me something else” and they will replace it with something like a lipstick or nail polish – Great idea Signed up last night 🙂

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