New Hair Removal Launches for Every Preference

New Hair Removal Launches March 2016PIN IT

According to recent research by Philips, women spend almost NINE DAYS on various beauty regimes each year, and 15 hours each year is dedicated to hair removal; to put that into context, if you were to do that in one day, you’d get up in the morning, start shaving, and not stop until it was time to get ready for bed.  Even more interesting, 15% of 35-44 year olds spend up to 39 hours a year removing hair from their body.  With that in mind, I thought I’d put together a selection of some of the newest launches to cater to every preference, whether you like the daily maintenance of shaving, want something a little more long term from waxing or epilating, or you’re ready to go full speed ahead with some at home IPL, I have the launch for you!

New Veet LaunchesPIN IT

Let’s start off with the lotions and potions, courtesy of some of the newest Veet arrivals.  There are a few new products being added to the Veet range, but I’ve picked out the two I thought you might like the most, starting with the new Veet Professional Warm Wax, which is a strip-less wax pot that you heat in the microwave, contains a salon-quality formula, and will work on hair as short as 2mm with results lasting up to four weeks.  It comes with a heat-reactive spatula that’ll tell you when it’s at the right temperature for ideal use, so it really does seem to be as foolproof as such a product can be.  It’s available now for £14.99 here – link.  If at-home waxing isn’t your thing, but you hate the smell of hair removal cream, then Veet’s new Silk&Fresh might be the answer.  It’s a range of pretty standard hair removal products, with the massive advantage being that the horrid hair removal smell has been replaced by something a lot more pleasing to the nose; two new formulas, either Aloe Vera and Vitamin E for sensitive skin or Lotus Milk & Jasmine for normal skin.  The range includes the two standard Veet Silk&Fresh Hair Removal Creams for either normal or sensitive (both starting at £4.99 for 100ml and going up to £11.99 for 400ml) plus there’s also an In-Shower Hair Removal Cream in both variants (this is my personal favourite, especially for the sensitive bikini line!) for £7.49 each, then finally a Hair Removal Face Kit for Sensitive skin which is £4.99 and contains 2x50ml creams.  You can find the full range here – link.

Philips SatinShave Prestige Wet & Dry Electric ShaverPIN IT

Next up are the newest launches from Philips, starting with the Satinelle Prestige Wet & Dry Epilator (not pictured).  I find epilators pretty scary and I’ve used quite a few with no real success, but the thing that appeals to me most about this new one from Philips is the fact that they’ve done quite a bit to try and make it as quick and painless as is possible in a device that’s designed to pull out your hairs! There are two things I’ve zoned in on, firstly, the massaging head which should take away some of the sting, and secondly, there’s a skin stretcher which should help make the hairs more accessible and less uncomfortable to remove.  The Philips Satinelle Prestige Wet & Dry Epilator is £200 here – link.  The Philips SatinShave Prestige Wet & Dry Electric Shaver is the perfect crossover between in-shower razors and the usual electric shavers; the problem with the latter is that you don’t often get a very close shave, but the Satinelle Prestige has curved blades designed to follow contours of your body, meaning you get a close shave finish, regardless of whether you use it dry or in the shower.  Much like the aforementioned epilator, this also comes with a skin stretcher that helps get the razor blade as close to the skin as possible.  It’s £70 here – link.

Braun Silk-Expert IPLPIN IT

The final product is the newest launch from Braun, the Silk-Expert IPL, a product that has reignited my excitement for laser hair removal devices! There’s a lot to like about it and I will be doing a more detailed review of it very soon, but to give you a quick overview of the main selling points, firstly, it’s quicker than the others, so you can glide it across the skin you’re treating rather than having to stop-start the whole treatment, which makes for a very quick procedure and it feels like less of a faff when you’re doing it.  The other big thing to mention is that it has a sensor that constantly assesses your skin as you move it across to make sure that you’re getting the optimum level of light intensity.  This means there’s no guessing and each area you treat gets it very own personalised dosage of IPL, which makes total sense considering there is nobody on the planet who is one colour all over, so why would we use a product that’s designed to treat that one shade of skin? I’m on week four of my treatment plan (so eight more to go to finish the course) so I will update on my progress soon, but I have very high hopes! It’s £400 and you can either buy it with the cleansing brush or the body brush here – link.


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